- The Washington Times - Tuesday, March 28, 2017

“American Psycho” author Bret Easton Ellis told fans this week that Hollywood activists who won’t end their conniption fits over President Donald Trump’s election are wreaking havoc on his social life.

Monday’s edition of the “Bret Easton Ellis Podcast” featured the famous cultural commentator talking about ideological hypocrisy and his boyfriend’s fascination with “Russian conspiracy’s” peddled by MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow.

“You can dislike the fact that Trump was elected, yes, definitely, and yet still understand and accept ultimately that he was elected this time around,” Mr. Ellis said, The Wrap reported Monday. “Or you can have a complete mental and emotional collapse and let the Trump presidency define you, which I think is absurd. … If you are still losing your s– about Trump, I think you should probably go to a shrink and not let the bad man that was elected define your self-victimization and your life. You are letting him win.”

The author then said that entertainers like Lena Dunham were using Mr. Trump as an excuse to mask their own “problems and neuroses,” while Meryl Streep was so consumed by “moral superiority” that she focused her Cecil B. DeMille Award speech at the Golden Globes on the president instead of recently deceased friend Carrie Fisher.

“For some reason I started thinking about the cost of Meryl Streep’s gown at the Golden Globes and the $30 million apartment she had recently put on the market in Greenwich Village,” Mr. Easton said. “Liberalism used to be about freedom but now is about a kind of warped moral authority that is actually part of the moral superiority movement. …”

“What was happening to my boyfriend was also reflective of the epidemic of moral superiority that has engulfed and is now destroying, eating alive, the American left,” the author continued. “I cannot count the times my boyfriend has left the house since the election — his hair long and tousled — he hasn’t shaved in months, and he’s addicted to three things besides opiates: Russian conspiracies discussed on Reddit, Rachel Maddow detailing Russian conspiracies, and Final Fantasy 15.”

Mr. Ellis said that while he was quite aware of the “odious business practices” of those associated with the president in the past, it was time for Hollywood friends to “get up, pull on your big-boy pants, and have a stiff drink at the bar. Because in the end, we share only one country.”

Other works by Mr. Ellis include 1985’s “Less than Zero,” 1987’s “Rules of Attraction,” and 1998’s “Glamorama.”

“American Psycho” was turned into a feature film in 2000 featuring Christian Bale as the infamous character Patrick Bateman.

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