- The Washington Times - Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Various directorates within the Pentagon and service branches responsible for doling out billions in taxpayer dollars have failed to address instances of improper payments across the U.S. military, said a new review by the Defense Department’s inspector general.

The review, released Wednesday, highlights several instances where Pentagon and service specific offices failed to provide adequate information on instances of improper payments or conduct required risk assessment studies to ensure such payments did not occur.

That information and processes were required under the Improper Payments Elimination and Recovery Act of 2010, which requires all federal agencies to “review and identify agency programs and activities that may be susceptible to significant improper payments.”

In one example, officials running Navy Commercial Bill Pay Office–Singapore payment program failed to carry out a risk assessment on their operation and did not submit information on the susceptibility of each payment program conducted by the office “to significant improper payments in accordance with OMB guidance,” Pentagon investigators found.

Number-crunchers within the travel expenditures offices for the Defense Department and Army Corps of Engineers “publish statistically valid improper payment estimates … and did not ensure that all payments required to be tested were included in the sample plans used to estimate improper payments,” investigators found.

“We recommend that the Chief Financial Officer, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Civil Works, develop procedures to maintain sufficient documentation to support the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers improper payment estimates,” the review said.



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