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A Huffington Post editor-at-large, reacting to President Donald Trump’s firing of James Comey — and apparently, to the continued existence of all-things conservative — called on fellow leftist to take to the streets, follow Republicans where they eat, sleep and make merry, and basically set up protest camp.

His view? If you can’t beat them at the ballot box, just scream them into submission. His headline blared the rally call: “To Save America, We Must Stop Being Polite and Immediately Start Raising Hell.”

Wait a minute — when was the time the left was polite? Must have blinked on that one.

But this writer, Michelangelo Signorile, editor-at-large of the HuffPo’s “Queer Voices” section, is insane. He’s not just ratcheting the anti-Trump rhetoric. He’s outright calling for fellow leftists to publicly hound anyone wearing a Republican button, a MAGA hat, a White House job title — anyone who’s not of similarly leftist lunacy mind.

He’s making an appeal for anarchy in the streets — an appeal for “force” and widespread resistance.

Quick: Picture a conservative editor suggesting the same during Barack Obama years. OK. Now read on.

“Starting today and from here on, no elected official — certainly those in the GOP defending and supporting Trump on a variety of issues, for example — should be able to sit down for a nice, quiet lunch or dinner in a Washington, D.C., eatery or even in their own homes,” Signorile wrote.

Say what?

“They should be hounded by protesters everywhere, especially in public — in restaurants, in shopping centers, in their districts and yes, on the public property outside their homes and apartments, in Washington and back in their homes states,” he went on.

In other words: Anarchy in the streets.

But that’s the left’s answer for politics that don’t go their way — to stalk, hound and storm-troop those who dare defy.

Signorile has particular hatred for House Speaker Paul Ryan, it seems.

“[Ryan] should not be able to attend any function, eat in public, or enjoy dinner at home without hearing people expressing how his actions are harming their lives and their families’ lives in terrible ways,” he wrote. “We are now fighting for our lives as we know them. There’s no time to waste.”

Right. And once again, like the left always does, Signorile blames the victim — blames Trump and Republicans and the Republican message as bringing down the drastic measures upon their own heads.

“This may sound too extreme and out of bounds to some people … [but] Donald Trump is not operating within boundaries — nor is anyone who is enabling him,” he said. “We much fight back with equal force.”

Equal being defined as “not equal,” of course, because there are really no Republicans or conservatives running about the streets in recent times, tossing rocks through windows or lighting cars afire in protest of politicos.

The left is out of control, being led and influenced by godless and mentally unstable partisans. Take heed and take care. They won’t even admit their calls for violence are calls for violence.

“Let me be clear,” Signorile wrote. “I’m of course not calling for violence or any of the thuggish behavior of the Trump supporters during the campaign.”

These people are delusional and dangerous, at minimum useful idiots for the higher-ranking on the ideological left — at worst, attackers in waiting. How any level-headed individual could call for such a thing is just beyond the scope of any sensible mind.

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