- The Washington Times - Monday, May 22, 2017

Democrats with eyebrow-raising frequency have found a new tool to express their absolute distaste with President Donald Trump: Dropping the F-bomb whenever and wherever possible, in connection with his name.

We’re not talking a casual slide in of the F-word, as in “what the freak is Trump doing?” No, we’re talking a purposeful arrow aimed at Trump’s back, intending to slap him with as fiery a bit of rhetoric as possible — as in “F— Donald Trump!”

That’s what John Burton, the outgoing Democratic Party chairman, said during the most recent annual convention this past weekend, as he was waving goodbye to eight years in the post.

As one Twitter user wrote, Breitbart noted: “Outgoing @ca_dem chair @Johnburton gets standing O w final words to his party, finger upraised: ‘F@ck Donald Trump!’”

There was video posted along with the tweet. And a separate tweeted photograph shows House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi laughing right along with the middle-finger salute. Meanwhile, Breibart reported “former [Barack] Obama Secretary of Labor Hilda Solis was also spotted relishing in the event.”

Democrats can’t come up with a more rational way of expressing their political differences with Trump than by screaming, “F-you, Trump,” and offering their middle fingers?

Do they know how crazy they sound — or are they so entrenched in their own circles of insanity they can’t see reality any longer?

Here’s another example of sheer leftist insanity.

A couple of aerobic teachers out in California have choreographed an exercise routine to share with their class that opens, “F— Mar-a-Lago,” for eight beats, while they swing red banners — in time to the chant — like a golf club.

The aerobic routine goes on: “Don’t buy Ivanka shoes. Again. Don’t buy Ivanka shoes.” While chanting, the class rhythmically kicks each leg forward.

“It’s really a satire on what’s going on but in a completely embodies way,” said one of the instructors in a Facebook video of the class that has nearly 400,000 views. “We’re looking to like really, really physicalize this current moment in the political climate and to respond to it, to react to it, to embody it, to make fun of it.”

One of the main moves in the class is called “Don’t Build a Wall,” and as the instructor explains, it’s one you do “with this long red tie.”

The class pairs off, with each person holding the tie diagonally, chest high.

“And you cross it with someone else’s and you say, don’t build a wall. Don’t build a wall,” the instructor said. “Another move is where you hold the tie around your neck and you pull it in front of like its dragging you and the chant for that one is, ‘Trump is led by Bannon, Trump is led by Bannon.’ “

Shortly into that chant, it changes to, “Trump is led by Kushner.”

Steve Bannon was the former Breitbart chief who went to the White House as chief strategist to Trump; Jared Kushner, married to Ivanka Trump, now serves as senior adviser to the president.

But one has to wonder: Do “Anti-Trump Aerobics,” as the class is called, actually add anything of value to the current political debate?

Nope. Once again, it’s leftists showcasing their unbalanced minds, using whatever platform they can find to scream F-Trump — as if such expletives matter. Those on the left are nuts. How else to explain? What’s really crazy is how widespread the insanity rolls — from the highest levels of party politics all the way down to a small aerobics class in a California city. 

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