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A biology professor at Evergreen State College, who was berated by students for refusing to participate in a no-whites day at the Olympia, Washington, school, says he has been forced to hold classes off campus out of fear for his safety.

In an appearance on “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” Bret Weinstein said radical students are still in control of campus and have threatened violence if their demands are not met. 

[see Mr. Weinstein’s appearance on “Tucker” at the bottom of this post]

“At this moment, I believe [Evergreen College President George S. Bridges] is answering a set of demands put forward by the protesters, and they have said that if he does not, if he does not accept their demands, that there will be violence,” Mr. Weinstein said Friday on the Fox News program.

He added that campus police have been ordered to “stand down.”

“So although the campus police have a sense of what it is that needs to happen in a circumstance like this, they have been hobbled by the fact that they answer to the college administration and, in fact, for several days have been barricaded in the campus police station,” the professor said.

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Students berated Mr. Weinstein on Tuesday outside of his classroom for writing an email in which he refused to take part in a “Day of Absence” demonstration. The event, which is an annual tradition at Evergreen, asked white students, faculty and staff to leave campus for a day and participate in anti-racism workshops.

The professor wrote in a March 15 email, in part, “On a college campus, one’s right to speak — or to be — should never be based on skin color.”

In the past, Mr. Weinstein has also objected to a proposed policy change in which race would play a larger role in faculty hiring.

When those emails became public, a group of about 50 students confronted Mr. Weinstein outside of his classroom, where they shouted curses at him and demanded his resignation.

The students have since barricaded themselves in the school library and issued demands of the administration.

They say there is systemic racism at Evergreen, pointing to altercations this year between police and minority students, and have asked the administration to implement mandatory sensitivity training for all faculty and staff.

Mr. Weinstein was forced to hold his Thursday class off campus, reported Seattle NBC affiliate KING5, after police raised concerns about his safety.

Mr. Carlson expressed disbelief at what has taken place at Evergreen, a series of events first reported by The Washington Times.

“You said people shouldn’t be allowed to speak or not on the basis of their skin color, which is a foundational belief of the left, and one that I agree with strongly,” Mr. Carlson said on his show. “And for that, they physically threatened you and are trying to get you fired. This is unbelievable.”

Fox News pundit Greg Gutfeld called the students “fascist robots with no brains in their heads.”

“The campus was supposed to be about free debate, but now it’s the seeds of totalitarianism,” Mr. Gutfeld said Friday on “The Five.” “Do you know what this professor did that upset them? He came out against a racist act.”

“This is what happens in a sterile environment free of libertarians and conservatives: They eat their own.”

Mr. Weinstein described himself as “deeply progressive” and said he is staunchly opposed to racism.

“I must say, I’m troubled by what this implies about the current state of the left.”


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