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It’s time for an update on the Trump revolution, but it comes with a warning: Hillary Clinton, the Democrats, liberals, leftists and the media won’t be happy.

Spending a year condemning then-candidate and now President Donald Trump as an evil poodle of Russia, and labeling his supporters as racist, sexist, deplorable maniacs has reaped dividends. Unfortunately for them, Bill Clinton has been hardest hit.

That’s right, the impeached president and Monica Lewinsky’s boyfriend’s popularity rating has plunged. This, according to a new University of Virginia Center for Politics-Reuters/Ipsos poll, is largely due to his wife, Hillary.

Paul Bedard at the Washington Examiner noted, “The public’s view of former President Bill Clinton as one of America’s most admired has taken a huge hit, and now just 6 percent want him as their ‘next president,’ according to a new survey.

“And a chief reason is his wife, Hillary Rodham Clinton, according to a University of Virginia Center for Politics-Reuters/Ipsos poll. ‘In 2012, Hillary Clinton had strong favorability nationally while she was secretary of state. Once she re-entered the political fray and was the target of negative attacks for two years, her numbers eroded significantly, and that erosion appears to apply to her husband as well,’ said Center for Politics Director Larry Sabato,” Mr. Bedard reported.

Look carefully at Mr. Sabato’s unsolicited excuse for the crash: Mrs. Clinton “was the target of negative attacks for two years.” With all due respect to Mr. Sabato, actual reporting on basic facts regarding Mrs. Clinton’s behavior and decision-making aren’t attacks. It’s called “news.”

It’s not gossip or opinion to report on facts not reliant on anonymous sources or “leaks” of false information. Reporting on a secret email server, misleading the public about health, bizarre campaign choices, and false statements about classified information on her private server is a reminder that the facts involving Mrs. Clinton’s choices were so glaring even the liberal media couldn’t ignore them.

What other gem did the poll reveal? In addition to kicking Bill Clinton to the curb, when asked, “Suppose you could bring back any of the U.S. presidents, living or dead, to be the next president of the United States. Who would you most want to be the next president?” The winner? Americans want President Ronald Reagan back. Kennedy ranked second. Respondents also made it clear they don’t want third-ranked Barack Obama to return. Mr. Reagan remains our choice.

Considering this additional finding of the poll, the more likely assessment of Mr. Clinton’s crash in popularity could, and should, be viewed as a wholesale rejection of the Democrats’ post-2016 sore-loser, scorched-earth strategy.

In other words, these findings are an indication that Donald Trump’s election wasn’t a momentary mood of the country, rather the action of an American citizenry having had enough of failed, insular leadership, and a compliant, colluding legacy media, that was marching us toward the ash heap of history.

There is another bellwether indicating a shift in American priorities, and a rejection of those who are seen as handmaidens of the political establishment dumpster fire. Hollywood received very bad news over the Memorial Day weekend.

A time when we honor the sacrifice of those who gave all defending our freedom, Memorial Day is also a holiday when family and friends enjoy each other’s company. In addition to barbecues and parades, we like to go to the movies.

Or should I say “liked?”

“Memorial Day revenue at the domestic box office falls to its lowest level in nearly two decades,” announced the trade magazine The Hollywood Reporter. In their report, film industry representatives weren’t interested at all in explaining why Americans are rejecting their product. Instead, they lauded how “We’re making movies for a global audience,” and boasted about how well certain films were doing in … China.

It appears Democrats and Hollywood liberals are still relying on foreigners to pull them through. This explains why Mr. Trump’s focus on empowering the American people and “Making America Great Again” is anathema to the Democrats and their toadies.

And what message is television sending to the American people? When ABC canceled their second-highest-rated comedy “Last Man Standing,” many were more than perplexed. Why would a network ax such a popular show? Many believe it’s because it is (was) one of the rare (if not already extinct) broadcast shows that incorporates a positive, conservative point of view. Tim Allen, the show’s creator and star, is also a conservative.

The good news is 20th Century Fox Television has said they are looking for another home for the wildly popular series. That would be good business, no matter your politics.

The contempt the political establishment has for the American people has been clear for some time, and now it’s mutual. The constant efforts to obstruct the president and effectively nullify the 2016 election is backfiring. But the swamp’s blind hatred for Donald Trump kept them from seeing reality during last year’s election, and they’re making the same mistakes now.

In the meantime, Mr. Trump is taking care of business, which inevitably involves upsetting the apple cart. It’s exactly why we elected him in the first place. Bureaucratic sore losers on both sides of the aisle had best look past their bubble, wipe the foam off their chins, and get to the business of putting this nation ahead of their own egos.

• Tammy Bruce, author and Fox News contributor, is a radio talk show host.

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