- The Washington Times - Thursday, May 4, 2017

Mike Cernovich, a conspiracy theorist recently praised by Donald Trump Jr. as deserving a Pulitzer, has a new job on “The Alex Jones Show,” the pro-Trump internet and radio program responsible for peddling unfounded claims involving the president’s former opponent.

The former attorney-turned-social media personality and writer will host the fourth hour of “The Alex Jones Show” once a week, CNN reported Wednesday. The program is carried by about 200 radio stations nationwide and attracts an audience of millions each month through its YouTube channel as well as Mr. Jones’ widely visited website, InfoWars.

He’ll officially begin hosting at the end of the Friday afternoon show starting next week on the heels of numerous appearances as recently as Wednesday’s broadcast, CNN reported.

“I look forward to breaking huge stories on InfoWars,” Mr. Cernovich told the network. “Although I enjoy political commentary, breaking news is even more important these days, and InfoWars is a great platform with a massive audience of news and information addicts.”

Mr. Cernovich, 39, was an outspoken opponent of Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton during the 2016 U.S. presidential race, peddling baseless claims concerning the candidate’s health during the duration of her campaign in addition to propagating the so-called “Pizzagate” theory, an unfounded concept popularized by InfoWars connecting Mrs. Clinton’s campaign to an human trafficking ring and a D.C. pizza parlor.

Mr. Jones has since apologized to the restaurant’s owner and has purged related articles and broadcasts from the web in the face of litigation.

Election aside, Mr. Cernovich has continued to maintain a politically active internet presence, earning recognition from President Trump’s inner circle last month amid what CNN described as his recent “meteoric rise.”

Mr. Trump’s counselor, Kellyanne Conway, tweeted a link last month to a “60 Minutes” interview featuring Mr. Cernovich; and the president’s oldest son, Donald Jr., said the writer deserves a Pulitzer Prize for a recent blog post putting involving former President Barack Obama’s national security adviser, Susan Rice.

More recently, Mr. Cernovich made waves by agitating White House reporters at the end of Monday’s routine press briefing, yelling: “Why will nobody here cover the violence against Trump supporters?”

Mr. Cernovich defended the outburst afterwards during an appearance on “The Alex Jones Show” Wednesday, saying: “I’m going to follow the rules, but I’m going to do it in a way that antagonizes them.”

“I’ll go to a rally in Austin and go ‘Bill Clinton is a rapist,’ ” he said. “A lot of people think that is my only speed, but I can put on a suit and be respectful and everything,” Mr. Cernovich added.

Mr. Jones, meanwhile, claimed earlier this week that InfoWars will soon have its own press pass for 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. The White House did not return repeated requests for comment on the matter this week.

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