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An associate editor for a libertarian website made waves Monday on Twitter with a tweet saying that conservative pundit Ben Shapiro “needs his smug mug punched, repeatedly.”

Elizabeth Nolan Brown — who according to her Reason.com profile specializes in, among other things “sex policy” — tweeted her message in response to a tweet by Mr. Shapiro, who had been arguing with another person over whether or not transgender women were, in fact, women.

“People protesting Shapiro had the wrong idea. This dude needs his smug mug punched, repeatedly,” Ms. Brown said, adding in a tweet 10 minutes later, “(Rhetorically!, of course. Don’t come for me, )”

Despite significant pushback from Twitter users charging her with inciting violence, Ms. Brown appears unfazed by the criticism.

“Think I’m just gonna start replying to outraged conservative snowflakes w/random emojis,” the libertarian feminist writer quipped in one tweet.

“Gather round, kids, and let’s talk about the concepts of hyperbole and ‘true threats’…” Ms. Brown wrote in another, appearing to dismiss the notion that her tweet crossed a line.

For his part, Mr. Shapiroreacted to Ms. Nolan’s original message with a pair of tweets of his own.

“It’s weird that an associate editor at libertarian magazine @reason thinks physical violence against dissenters is awesome now. Not very libertarian,” he wrote. Moments later, finding humor in the situation, he added, “Also, I’m going to have to seriously consider now offering a “Smug Mug” at the upcoming Shapiro Store.”

A social conservative who has repeatedly been the target of left-wing protests at his college speaking engagements, Mr. Shapiro has long been outspoken in his criticism of transgenderism.

In 2015, he filed a complaint with the LAPD against transgender journalist Zoey Tur after she threatened him with violence during an appearance together on the HLN program “Dr. Drew.”

During that appearance, Mr. Shapiro argued that the push for transgender rights was “mainstreaming delusion” and offended Ms. Tur by addressing her as “sir,” according to reports at the time.

“You cut that out now, or you’ll go home in an ambulance,” Ms. Tur told Mr. Shapiro, according to a July 22, 2015, report by CNSNews.com.


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