- The Washington Times - Tuesday, November 7, 2017

The media, once again, have been caught in a web of deceit, trying hard via creative editing to showcase President Trump poorly on the international stage.

This time? It’s about the proper manner of feeding fish, by pinch or by box. 

Truly, they couldn’t have picked a more minute matter, a pettier issue.

“Trump Under Fire for Improper Fish-Feeding Technique,” blasted New York Magazine’s headline.

And from Jezebel, beneath an image of Trump emptying a box of fish food while Japan’s Shinzo Abe looks on, this equally critical tweet: “Big stupid baby dumps a load of fish food on Japanese koi pond.”

The Guardian, in its original story, had even more to say.

“White House reporters, keen perhaps to pick up on a Trump gaffe,” the news outlet opined, as the Hill noted, “captured the moment when he upended his box on their smartphones and tweeted evidence of his questionable grasp of fish keeping. Some speculated that a poor palace employee would be dispatched to the scene to clean up the mess as soon as the two leaders disappeared inside.”

The overall message the anti-Trumpers in the media were trying to paint?

That Trump’s nothing but a big bumbling buffoon, incapable even of feeding fish in the proper manner.

That Trump’s, in a word, stupid.

Too bad the proof in the pudding of Trump’s gaffe was, well, skewed.

CNN’s video of the fish feeding actually zoomed in on Trump’s face at a certain critical point in the process — the part where Prime Minister Abe actually dumped out his entire box of fish food into the pond.

Seconds later, the video cuts to Trump dumping his box of food as well.

But thanks to creative editing, the viewer only sees Trump emptying his box — and voila, a gaffe is born. Others in the media watching this creatively edited video ran with it, no questions asked — content, it seems, with the negative attention it showered on Trump.

This is why the media scores low points for trustworthiness with the American people. This is why polls, surveys and press reports characterizing Trump as a loser to the American people, a goon without a following, are dismissed by most U.S. citizens.

The media is biased — and it’s an anti-Republican, anti-Trump, pro-Democrat, pro-leftist bias that prevails.

This fish-feeding frenzy is about as anti-Trump low as you can go, though. Truly, the press has tipped its White House-hating hand on this one.

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