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When Margaret Cho bring her latest live show, “Fresh of the Bloat” to Warner Theater Saturday, nothing will be off limits, which is no surprise from a comedy force of nature who has built a decadeslong, no-holds-barred career that traffics in raw and deeply honest observations about everything and everyone.

Nothing is scared. No one is safe. And she’s coming for you too, Mr. President.

The comedienne and actress chatted about political correctness, Halloween and what offends her. (Donald, your name came up.)

Question: Obviously the title of your new show is a parody of the TV show “Fresh off the Boat.” As an Asian-American, does that show offend you?

Answer: I’m really proud of “Fresh off the Boat”! I had a small hand in helping Eddie Huang with the show, and I love it. They’re amazing, and I’m so thrilled that it’s so popular.

Q: Do you worry about negative body shaming?

A: I’ve had so much body shaming in my life. Koreans are obsessed with thinness, and so it set the stage for my showbiz life. I feel like I’m immune to it now.

Q: Does anything offend you?

A: I’m not sure. I am offended by injustice and bigotry. Trump is offensive. But in comedy, I think everything is fair game.

Q: What can people expect when they come out to see your D.C. show?

A: It’s very honest, savage stand-up comedy. It’s my very best. I’m really proud to bring it to D.C.

I get to the root of it all. No one is safe — including myself.

Q: Because the show is in D.C., do you avoid politics or get extra political?

A: It’s always political, but there’s more to it. I get into AIDS, whitewashing and addiction. I’m exploring more dangerous topics.

It’s all about the skill I have now after doing this for so long.

Q: Are times too PC to say everything you want to say?

A: Oh, never! I actually think political correctness has made us look at language. It’s all about fairness. There is an equality to how we address people and situations.

Q: Is anything off limits for you comedy-wise?

A: I hope not. I’d love to comedy cave-dive — go to the darkest reaches of human experiences. You might never come up for air. You could get trapped. That’s my goal.

Q: Do you have any Halloween plans?

A: Not yet. I’m working so much I may just rest if I can. However, Bette Midler did invite me to her annual “Hulaween” party in [New York]. That’s always fab, although I’m not big on any holidays. I make Halloween last all year with my goth tendencies.

Q: Does Trump being president make it harder or easier to be funny?

A: It’s harder as a compassionate person. It’s harder as an activist. But it’s easier to be a comedian. It’s actually the best gig to have now.

Q: What is your pre show ritual?

A: I have none. Usually I’m running to get there in makeup and heels. It’s different every day though.

I love it. It’s my life.

Margaret Cho brings her “Fresh off the Bloat” tour to the Warner Theater Saturday at 8 p.m. Tickets are available at LiveNation.com

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