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The Boy Scouts of America just announced it was going to allow girls to take part in its scouting program — to earn the group’s highest leadership rank, the Eagle Scout.

This is a mistake.

Boy Scouts should stay all boy; similarly, the Girl Scouts should stay all girl.

This is not an equal access issue — like letting women vote, or females in the work force, or girls playing Little League baseball with the boys. This is a cave to politically correct and social activist reasons, a dismissal of the very fact that God made males different from females. The scouting experience is not so much physical as it is moral and even spiritual.

Look here: Women should be allowed to join whatever ranks of military service they want — provided the standards aren’t changed to accommodate physical limitations.

Women should be allowed to play major league baseball — provided they’re able to compete with male players and win.

Women should be allowed to serve as firefighters — provided they’re able to perform the same lifesaving functions of the position as men.

See where this is going?

And let’s go even one step farther — the old-tymey type “men’s” business clubs that bar women from entry have dubitable reason to exist in these modern days and times when yes, females actually work outside the home, too, and therefore have just as much need to partake of the wheelings and dealings and agreements that are often formed in these informal settings. Not saying these males-only organizations should be outlawed or anything. Just saying — they’re stupid and archaic.

But the Boy Scouts are different.

The merging of girls into boys’ scouting activities has nothing to do with reinforcing the idea that girls are equally able to scout, so should therefore be provided the BSA experience. It’s not about showing that girls are up to the physical BSA tasks.

Rather, the opening of BSA doors to girls is a degradation of the idea that boys and girls are born with different minds, different bodies, different roles — and that such differences are ordained by God. It’s a degradation of a truth that’s been long resisted by the far left.

The BSA is aimed at instilling moral codes in impressionable, youthful males.

Part of that moral compass is how to think, act, behave, serve, mature as a proper young male in a most secular society.

“Duty to God and country,” is part and parcel of the BSA oath, a recognition of its mission to instill traditional moral values.

Well, secularists, LGBTQ activists, radical feminists and leftists don’t like to admit there is a difference between the two sexes — or, nowadays, even that there are only two sexes.

And this is the warning sign of where this BSA policy is headed: An aggressive, committed left has been trying for some time to tear down the traditional family unit — the idea that marriage is of one man and one woman, the idea that God designs gender, the idea that boys and girls, while equal, are nonetheless different.

Letting the girls join the BSA is just another notch in that leftist anti-God, anti-traditional family belt. It’s not about equality or equal access.

It’s about uprooting commonly held principles and beliefs and morals and values.

Fact is, boys need proper moral upbringing and virtuous leadership, to help show the direction in the way they should go as men. Girls do, too. That’s a major part of the scouting experience. It should not be disturbed.

Mixing the genders in scouting sends the false moral message that boys and girls are no different, that their roles and functions are one and the same — that their needs are no different and one serves just as well as another, that in the end, men are women and women are men. And what difference does it all make, anyway? But in God’s eyes, that’s just not true. 

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