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Listen up, Impeach Trump crowd: President Donald Trump’s not going to be impeached.

He won’t. So let it go. Move on — and take your MoveOn.org money with you.

Trump will finish his term, and at this rate — with all the off-the-walls howling that’s been interrupting the few sane mouths left in Washington, D.C., and in the media — be happily on his way to a second.

Why is this assured?

Because there is no impeachable offense.

Larry Flynt may be floating $10 million to anyone who can bring the dirt that will finally impeach Trump. Yawn. Not only is that a minuscule amount for the porn kingpin — but it’s a minuscule amount he knows he won’t have to spend. Fact is, the left has been crowing for Trump’s impeachment before he even took the oath of office. If there were impeachable offenses looming in the background, trust on this, they would’ve been brought to the forefront long ago.

“Will Trump Be Impeached, Removed Via the 25th Amendment or Resign?” blasted a Newsweek headline, just a couple days ago.

Umm, let’s go with Option Four — finish his term.

The left has been on a steadfast march to create a frenzy of talk of impeachment since November using one of its most successful tools of the partisan trade, delusion. Those on the left, already cloudy of mind because of all the deception they peddle, truly believe that if they say something often enough, it becomes truth. That’s how Barack Obama sold Obamacare, for instance — on the wing and deceptive prayer of a mantra that said, “you can keep your doctor.”

That’s the underlying strategy with the Impeach Trump movement.

It goes like this: First, call for impeachment. Rep. Maxine Waters served as the left’s handy useful idiot on this score, taking the lead in calling for Trump’s ouster — preemptively, before he’d even had time to serve. But she set the stage nicely for Step Two — send in the media hounds.

The media has done a nice hatchet job of taking this crazy impeachment talk and running with it, as if it’s credible news. A reputable media outlet would either ignore the calls, or put them in context and explain how ridiculous they are. That’s not happened.

Rather, the media has used a couple of loon calls for impeachment as the platform to spring a long-running cycle of impeachment talk, with each day’s stories serving to fuel even more talk.

That’s how, in just a few short months, talk of Trump’s impeachment has moved from the realm of ridiculous and fringe — from the lips of say, Waters — to the covers of mainstream media magazines and focus of mainstream media broadcasts.

Look at the Newsweek piece, which reads in part: “How is the Trump presidency likely to end? It is a question that has been asked more frequently by more people about President Donald Trump than about any other commander in chief in modern history. This [past] week has again seen musings thrust back to the forefront about how the most unorthodox, unpredictable and unpopular president in modern history could exit the White House. For some, his impeachment should already be on the table.”

That’s because the media has quite willingly put it on the table.

The media has created this impeachment frenzy — then stepped back and feigned casual observer, unbiased reporter, balanced recorder of history.

It’s a lie, an abominable deceit. And the American people aren’t buying.

Trump won’t be impeached. In fact, the more the left calls for his impeachment — the more complicit the media becomes in this impeachment call — the better for conservatives. It’s just opening the doors for more Republican seats in 2018 — another Trump term in 2020.

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