- The Washington Times - Tuesday, October 24, 2017


And then again, from Trump.

“Isn’t it sad that lightweight Senator Bob Corker, who couldn’t get re-elected in the Great State of Tennessee,” the president tweeted, “will now fight Tax Cuts plus!”Score one for President Donald Trump.

In the latest in the ongoing public tiff between Trump and Sen. Bob Corker, the president tweeted Tuesday: “Bob Corker, who helped President O give us the bad Iran Deal & couldn’t get elected dog catcher in Tennessee, is now fighting Tax Cuts. …”


Trump followed that with another: “…Corker dropped out of the race in Tennessee when I refused to endorse him, and now is only negative on anything Trump. Look at his record!”

Corkershot back with his own Twitter message.

“Same untruths from an utterly untruthful president,” the Republican wrote. “#AlertTheDaycareStaff.”

Come on now. As Trump notes: there are taxes to cut.

Trump’s supposed to lunch with lawmakers to discuss his fiscal reforms.

And Sen. David Perdue, a Georgia Republican, has it right.

“People back home are apoplectic that the Republican Senate is not backing this president’s agenda,” he said, CNN reported. “People didn’t elect Donald Trump because they are enamored with Congress. Just the opposite, I believe. That’s how I was elected.”

Quite right.

Let’s hope Corker’s not going to pull a John McCain and take revenge on Trump for petty and personal reasons.



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