- The Washington Times - Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross said Tuesday that details of President Trump’s tax plan need to be “ironed out.”

“What the president put forward is a framework. It’s a conceptual framework. It’s his objectives,” Mr. Ross said on Bloomberg. “But there are lots and lots of details to be ironed out, and that, very appropriately, is the work of Congress.”

Mr. Ross pushed back against the idea that the White House needs to have a more detailed plan to present to Congress arguing that Obamacare was largely crafted by Democratic lawmakers.

“The so-called Affordable Care Act under the Obama administration certainly had relatively little detailed guidance from the White House,” he argued. “It was basically done in the Congress and that’s the biggest piece of legislation from [the Obama administration.]”

The details of the Republican plan have been scarce with the number and rate of the tax brackets still in flux. The initial proposal does include a definite slash to the corporate tax rate, dropping it from 35 to 20 percent.



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