- The Washington Times - Friday, October 6, 2017

Director of the Economic Council Gary Cohn said Friday that President Trump’s comments about a coming “storm” are referring to military advancements.

“I spend all my time on the economic side, but knowing the president, I think the president was reminding everyone how we continue to make large investments in our military. The budgets that are being passed right now, which are a pathway to getting tax reform done, will increase spending for our military,” Mr. Cohn said on Fox Business.

Mr. Trump made headlines Thursday night for saying at an event for top military brass that it was “the calm before the storm.” When he was pressed about what he meant by “the storm,” the president said, “You’ll find out.”

“We continue to spend money for our military, we continue to invest in our military, we continue to modernize our military. And the president wants the world to understand that that’s important to him. He’s never going to telegraph what his next move is though,” Mr. Cohn explained.

Amid brewing international conflicts ranging from North Korea to the Islamic State terror group, it is unclear what the president could be referencing.



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