- The Washington Times - Thursday, September 14, 2017

A black rapper, XXXTentacion, just released a new music video that features an image of a white boy being lynched as a black boy stands and watches.

So far, so mum, as far as the left goes. Where’s the denouncement of racism now, Democrats?

Where’s the protesting in the streets, antifa?

The video — “Look At Me!” — flashes images of police brutality and violence in the streets, while the rapper, 19, loops the boy’s head in a noose and then pulls hard, until his feet are dangling.

The kid’s feet twitch for a time — and then they stop. The scene unfolds in front of a crowd of people at a theater.

LaShawnna Stanley, the casting director for the video, said she had a tough time finding a parent who would let their child be hanged.

“No one was OK with their white child getting lynched,” she said, Fox News reported.

Well, no surprise there. But why the qualifier?

Did she really think anyone would be OK with getting their black child lynched — or their Asian child, or a child of any other race and heritage?

So here’s the message the rapper hopes to transmit, according to Stanley: “[The] little white boy and black boy show innocence.” But whereas society is immune to the image of black boy being hung, not so for a white boy.

That’s where she’s wrong — and that’s where she’s furthering a racist message.

It’s one that goes like this: White people are all privileged, sheltered and unaware of the abuses suffered by minorities. They’re unconcerned, they’re not compassionate. Meanwhile, blacks supposedly have to deal with racism every day — racism that goes forth mostly at the hands of whites. 

How is that viewpoint not a stereotype? How is it not racist to brand an entire race — Caucasians — as unsympathetic to the plight of blacks? 

Note to Stanley, memo to XXX: There are actually white people in this country who regard blacks the same way as they regard those of their own race.

Not everybody is a bigot. Not all whites seek to target blacks. Not all whites are immune to sufferings of others, not all whites make distinctions between sufferings of some races versus sufferings of others.

And using children as shock-jocks to make those skewed and, yes, racist arguments only widens the racial divide in American even more.

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