- The Washington Times - Tuesday, September 5, 2017


The New York Times has a new feature on its opinion pages, and it’s one that goes like this: “Did You Stop Supporting Trump? We Would Like to Hear From You.”

Funny, but if memory serves, the newspaper didn’t put out a call to such masses when Barack Obama was president. Is this the new Standard Operating Procedure of mainstream journalism — to serve as the media world’s equivalent of trial lawyers seeking plaintiffs for their medical malpractice class lawsuits?

The question’s been an ongoing feature of the page for days, suggesting the New York Times will stop at nothing to uncover the last and least of the Trump-lovers-turned-haters. Why?

Why, because it’s Real Journalism, that’s why. And by gosh, the country needs to know.

The text states: “In his Sunday Review piece, ‘I Voted for Trump, And I Sorely Regret It,’ Julius Krein wrote about why he stopped supporting Trump and urged anyone who once supported him to ‘stop defending the 45th president.’ We would like to hear from people who have similar feelings.”

The newspaper makes it easy for respondents. No need to pick up a phone, find paper and stamp. Rather, there’s a handy-dandy fill-out form right on the page.

Just answer the questions and press “submit.”

“Did you previously support President Trump, but no longer do? If so, what were the factors that contributed to your switch? Please tell us using the form below,” the text states.

And no doubt, the writers of this paper are planning a massive expose on their findings.

“We may follow up with you to hear more about your story,” the text went on. “Your name and comments might be published, but your contact information will not.”

Prepare for the hatchet jobs to commence. It’s not likely The New York Times is going to offer any balance and ask, either simultaneously or down the line, “Were you once a Hillary Clinton fan but now support Trump? Did you previously vote for Clinton but are now glad that Trump’s in the White House?”

Yeah, let’s not hold our breath on that.



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