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Dino Sajudin said President Trump had a love child. And he’s reportedly also seen Bigfoot and the ghost of a dead friend.

Mr. Sajudin, who told the National Enquirer of Mr. Trump’s affair with a maid, has numerous credibility problems, according to the New York Daily News, and was called “a pathological liar” by his ex-wife.

“He’s infamous for making up stories,” Nikki Benfatto said of Mr. Sajudin.

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“He’s seen the Chupacabra. He’s seen Bigfoot. One of our friends who passed away — he saw him too, walking down the street,” Ms. Benfatto said.

In 2015, Mr. Sajudin, a former Trump Tower doorman, approached the National Enquirer saying he had been told not to criticize a particular maid because of her illicit affair with Mr. Trump and the child that resulted.

American Media Inc., the National Enquirer’s parent company, gave $30,000 to Mr. Sajudin, but the tabloid never went with the story. Both the Associated Press and the New Yorker reported the payment Thursday. But Mr. Sajudin told both the AP and New Yorker he’d only speak to them for money.

Nor is the ex-wife, who also called Mr. Sajudin “unstable on every level,” the only person to doubt Mr. Sajudin.

Both the woman alleged to have had the affair and the National Enquirer reporter who worked on the story dismissed the ex-doorman’s claims as not credible.

“I believed from the beginning it was not true,” reporter Sharon Churcher told the New Yorker.

AMI officials spoke similarly, Chief Content Officer Dylan Howard telling RadarOnline that the story “lacked any credibility” and was not run for that reason.

“When we realized we would be unable to publish … we released Sajudin from the exclusivity clause that had accompanied his $30,000 payment,” he added.

The AP reported Thursday that it had spoken last August to the woman who reportedly had the affair and that she firmly denied it. As a result, the AP did not name her in the story Thursday about the payment.

“This is all fake,” she said last year. “I think they lost their money.”

Ms. Benfatto, who was married to Mr. Sajudin for 14 years but told the Daily News she hadn’t spoken to him since he threatened her in 2014, said he was constantly name-dropping and gossiping to her, but never mentioned a Trump love child.

“He always had something to say about people,” she said. “I never recall him mentioning anything like that.”

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