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“Lo, children are an heritage of the Lord: and the fruit of the womb is his reward.”

— Psalms 127:3

The God of all creation tells us that children are a reward from him. A vulnerable new human life is entrusted to a woman from the moment that he creates the little one in her womb. It is a sacred privilege to be given such a generous, divine gift.

I’m overwhelmed with a renewed sense of the priceless treasure that every baby is. My first grandchild is only a few weeks old, and as I sniff his little head and cuddle him close, I have trouble comprehending the marvelous wonder of this child.

Baby Russell is a miracle, created from the imagination of God, perfectly formed by his hands and in his image. As all babies are. Every single one of them. Every last one of us.

A human life is a sacred thing. It is in the denial of this obvious reality where the feminists, many of our lawmakers and our culture in general get it so egregiously wrong.

And it is the continued, deliberate killing of our helpless babies that will be America’s undoing.

When baby Russell was born, I couldn’t stop staring at his exquisitely formed features. His fingers and toes are so little, yet every detail is perfect. His tiny face is sculpted as if an artist painstakingly shaped it during months of work. From his pug nose to those big blue eyes to his delicate lips, I still can’t stop staring at him.

They say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. It is not. Beauty is in the eye of our Creator.

Every child — no matter how “imperfect” the world may judge him to be — is perfect and treasured by the sculptor who formed him.

Abortion is unjust because it is a decision by one human to declare that another human life is not sacred. Abortion is foolish because it destroys a gift created and given by God himself. Abortion is evil because it is the act of killing an innocent, defenseless human being made in the image of the Almighty.

Our lawmakers, no matter what other good they may do for our country, will be held accountable for continuing to fund the killings of our nation’s babies. As they bartered for money to fund “this” good cause and “that” wonderful project, they traded away the very lives of children.

Planned Parenthood’s hands are covered in blood of the millions of babies they have sacrificed on the altar of convenience, and our lawmakers’ hands are bloodied by the hundreds of millions of dollars they committed to fund the massacre.

Americans have forgotten that the first duty of government is to protect the first of the inalienable rights with which we are endowed by our Creator: the right to life. Among “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness,” life is always first. It must be.

If our government does not protect life for all, we will have liberty only for some, and national happiness will continue to elude us no matter how desperately we pursue it.

I remember the marvel of becoming a mother. The joy was overwhelming and, at the same time, accompanied by apprehension. Would I be a good mom? How could I make sure that I would do right by this child? And the “rules” — so many rules — about everything from what position he should sleep in to how to burp him properly.

All of that is just for starters. Motherhood is filled with a zillion worries that never end — it’s no wonder that women often feel ill-equipped to mother a child. My goodness, the truth is that we all do at times. Lots of times.

And here is where the feminists again get it so wrong. Instead of feeding more doubts and building more anxiety in pregnant mommies who already are feeling scared about their abilities to mother, they should be coming alongside these women with warm encouragement. Women should stand with a pregnant “sister” and let her know that she has been chosen to care for a priceless gift. In some cases, for a variety of difficult reasons, a mom may painfully choose to pass her gift to another. But deliberately destroying the priceless treasure should be incomprehensible.

The cruelest, most inhumane thing a woman can do to another woman is to persuade her to kill her own child. Yet that is exactly what feminists do to women every day, and the men in power are their enablers.

The good news for all of us is that the same God who gives us life also offers us the gift of forgiveness. When we turn from our wicked ways and humble ourselves and ask Christ to cleanse us from our shameful acts, he does. No matter what we have done, no matter who we are, he throws our mistakes and deliberate wrongs alike into his vast sea of forgetfulness, no longer even remembering our most grievous sins. And He does this for nations too. Even nations who have degraded His image by destroying those made in it.

Only God’s grace can save us. But it can save us completely, and restoration will begin. God gives us not only the gift of sons and daughters to be our own, but he also gave us his only son too. It is a sacred privilege to be given such generous, divine gifts.

Rebecca Hagelin can be reached at [email protected]

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