- The Washington Times - Monday, April 16, 2018

Hundreds of former Department of Justice employees have signed a petition demanding Congress act “swiftly and forceful’ if President Trump fires Special Counsel Robert Mueller or Attorney General Rod Rosenstein.

Posted over the weekend on the social media site Medium, the petition had nearly 500 signatures as of Monday morning. Alumni from every presidential administration as far back as Kennedy’s said they are “deeply disturbed” by Mr. Trump’s repeated attacks on the two men leading the Russia investigation.

“Those of us who served with these men know them to be dedicated public servants committed to these principles,” the petition said. “All of us served with thousands of their peers at the Department, who also swear an oath to serve, defend and protect the United States, the Constitution and American people.”

The petitioners said the attacks on Mr. Mueller and Mr. Rosenstein are an affront to all Justice Department workers, both past and present.

“We are therefore deeply disturbed by the attacks that have been levied against the good men and women of the Department,” the petition said. “Not only is it an insult to their public service, but any attempt to corrupt or undermine the even-handed application of the rule of law threatens the foundation of our Republic. We know the people who serve at the Department will bravely weather these attacks and continue to uphold their oaths by doing only what the law dictates.”

Mr. Trump has ramped up his attacks on the leaders of the Russia probe last week after FBI raided the home and office of his personal lawyer, Michael Cohen. The raid was approved by Mr. Rosenstein based on a referral from the special counsel.

The president has decried the Russia investigation as a “witch hunt.”

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