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Piers Morgan engaged in a Twitter fight with conservative warriors Ben Shapiro, Kurt Schlichter and Sebastian Gorka. It did not end well for Mr. Morgan. 

It began with a sharp back and forth between Morgan and Shapiro over American gun policies.

“THANK YOU! Where would Britain be without you & your massive GUNS?!” Morgan rhetorically asked a person identified as “Paradise Stang” who had engaged with him on Morgan’s adamant, anti-second amendment opinions.

“Speaking German” Shapiro responded.  And it was on. 

That’s when Gorka, a former Trump Administration official, chimed in: 

Morgan could have left it at that. He walked into a hay-maker from Shapiro and he only had himself to blame. Floating a high, hard one over the plate like “Where would Britain be without you & your massive GUNS?!” was sure to invite a devastating retort like the one he received. It happens to the best of us and he only had himself to blame. 

In the world of Twitter you take your lumps and you let it lie.  You live to Tweet another day…. but no. Morgan couldn’t leave it at that. 

He went after Gorka making one, final brutal mistake: He mocked America’s participation in World War II

The response was… well… exactly what you’d expect.  And, it was glorious: 


It was… ugly. Morgan tried, futily, to engage and push back and say his response was triggered from the suggestion that he and fellow Brits would be speaking German without America’s help. Apparently, that fact is insulting. Finally, Morgan tried to end it all with a conciliatory message:

Which is really sweet and all… but the problem is, if you insult America’s participation in World War 2 and you need to clean up your mess, you should really use your own words. Using a quote from Winston Churchill is easy. And saying “Oh, hey, I agree with what this guy said” is kind of an easy way out. 

Piers, if you really love America your praise should come from your heart with your words, not hiding behind Churchill’s. 

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