- The Washington Times - Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Nationally syndicated talk show host Mark Levin appeared on Fox News Tuesday evening to give a legal lesson to all the armchair pundits and pretend legal experts trumpeting the Michael Cohen plea arrangement as a looking legal crisis for President Donald Trump. 

The host of Life, Liberty, and Levin made an unassailable legal argument that is fully supported by not just federal election law, but by common sense as well. In short: Donald Trump’s use of his own, personal money for a legal activity is in no way a violation of campaign finance laws. Period. 


“Nothing here was spent out of the campaign. Nothing was done with the campaign or to the campaign,” Levin said.

Levin also railed against Cohen’s lawyer and former Clinton-era White House counsel Lanny Davis.

“Lanny Davis had his client plead guilty to two offenses that aren’t offenses that the prosecutor insisted were offenses. That’s why he’s no good.”

 “Donald Trump’s in the clear. Let’s say Donald Trump even directed Michael Cohen to make payments in nondisclosure agreements. So what? He’s allowed to do that,” Levin explained.

“I want the news media to understand — you know what took place in the southern district of New York? Nothing that matters. Zippo. There was no violation of campaign laws. Lanny Davis blew it.”

“Just because a prosecutor says that somebody violated a campaign law doesn’t make it so. He’s not the judge; he’s not the jury,” Levin said. “We didn’t adjudicate anything. It never went to court.”

“A candidate who spends his own money, or even corporate money, for an event that occurred not as a result of the campaign — it is not a campaign expenditure,” he said.

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