Wednesday, August 22, 2018


Tirana, Albania — The previous U.S. ambassador to Albania, Donald Lu, was well known for pushing an agenda on the Albanian people, acting like a czar, supporting the socialist government at the direction of George Soros, in one of the most pro-American countries in the world. We documented his antics previously in this column.

Mr. Lu’s term as ambassador recently ended and he was curiously renominated to the ambassadorship of Kyrgyzstan, a situation that begs further analysis in another article.

However, it seems the anti-Trump, leftist, Obama appointees in the State Department are still active in Albania, thumbing their noses at the American president, who they work at the pleasure of, and report to, as they supposedly carry out administration policy overseas.

Leyla Moses-Ones is the temporary head of the embassy until the new ambassador arrives later in the year. Recent tweets point out her diabolical agenda to undercut her boss. She retweets the fired and disgraced former head of the FBI James Comey, who rants about our supposed lying president.

Can you imagine the head of the American embassy in a foreign country actively undercutting the president of the United States and his agenda? I know for a fact all of the Albanian politicians have seen this tweet. How do you think they will treat foreign policy announcements by the White House if they know that the local embassy will never implement them, and even undercut any future presidential initiatives in this corner of the world?

Albania, a member of the NATO alliance, is becoming a strategically placed nation as Turkey’s role as a U.S. ally is coming into doubt. The current government is mired in the drug trade and criminality, and the left in America still supports, even turns a blind eye to its illegal behavior. Having disloyal employees at the American embassy in Tirana is a big problem.

Shockingly, President Trump nominated Kathleen Kavalec to be the new ambassador to Albania. She has been named in a recent House investigation as one of the State Department employees who spoke with Christopher Steele as he created the fake Trump dossier to try and bring down a president. However, the Trump White House may have caught onto her game as her confirmation hearing was recently unexpectedly delayed.

In any event, we are told that former Ambassador Lu is still hanging around Albania, curiously not returning to the United States, since he is no longer has official duties in Tirana. Sources tell us he is doing so to “prep” the new embassy staff, to give instructions to “talk up” Socialist Prime Minister Edi Rama to the White House in an attempt to cement Barack Obama’s agenda in the tiny Balkan country. The goal would be to tout Socialist prime minister as a “great leader” and that the “justice reform” pushed by Mr. Lu was a huge success, all the while ignoring the real effects of the procedure which has led to a nation without courts and rampant organized crime. More on that issue tomorrow.

Democrats, Obama minions, will do anything for power. They have no shame. They certainly don’t have professionalism as social media activity from Leyla Moses-Ones shows.

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