- The Washington Times - Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Cody Wilson said Wednesday that he has sold thousands of digital blueprints for 3D printed guns, despite a judge banning his products online.

“The news was well-received,” he told CBS’ “This Morning.”

Mr. Wilson said that circumventing the judge’s order is a matter of principle. He argues that he is providing information legally.

“State governments have no power to second-guess the decision making of the State Department. They have no power to ask websites to take information off of the internet that’s legally posted there,” he said, “And I’m certainly not going to consent to the judgment of judges who say that they can.”

On Tuesday, Mr. Wilson announced he would be mailing and possibly emailing 3D gun blueprints to customers, which did not violate the judge’s internet ban.

When pressed, Mr. Wilson said that he does keep track of who is buying plans and is required to conduct “all kinds of screening and stuff.”

His site has buyers check a box to confirm they are U.S. citizens, but he decided not to deliver plans in the states that legally moved to stop him.

Mr. Wilson argued that laws may be in place to prevent tragedies, but they cannot exceed that. He acknowledged that his products could be used for violence, but insisted that broken laws be prosecuted “after the fact.”

“The law is there to prevent bad things from happening but to do no more than that,” he said, “Sorry, there’s a First Amendment and a Second Amendment. Congress shall make no law, and the rights shall not be infringed. Pretty easy text.”

Dave Sherfinski contributed to this article.

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