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Rep. Louie Gohmert confirmed the blockbuster report from The Daily Caller claiming that Hillary Clinton’s server was compromised by the Chinese government during her time as Secretary of State. 

Gohmert first raised the issue in his questioning of former FBI official Peter Strzok in July. The Texas Republican asked Strzok if he was aware of the Intelligence Community Inspector General’s finding that a hostile nation had infiltrated Clinton’s unauthorized server diverting all of her emails to that nation’s intelligence apparatus. 

“What I said at the hearing was we knew, for certain, that it was a foreign government, not Russia and it was their intelligence service that was getting this, Gohmert said yesterday in an interview on my Washington DC radio program. 

“Let me just say, I had a lot of details back then and I still do, Gohmert said. “I can not honestly contradict anything Richard Pollack put in his story,” Gohmert said without 

O’Connor: In sworn testimony to you Congressman, Strzok claimed that he was not aware of this. Is there any credibility to that testimony? 

 Rep. Gohmert: Absolutely zero and he was lying and in essence, he said, ‘You know I remember Rucker coming over and briefing us a couple times but I don’t remember anything about it’. That was a lie. There is no way on this earth that he did not remember every detail because at that time he was doing everything he could to get Hillary Clinton elected as President and prevent a Republican from being elected. And when he got this horrendous news from his standpoint that his candidate, that his friend Hillary Clinton, had compromised the United States intelligence information, had compromised the United States Obama administration, there is no way Larry, he doesn’t remember that..there’s no way. So he was lying about that and I thought that would be the big story and the people would start digging and they would get into the details of this but what I brought up was not the affair, but the lies. He said he never lies, he always tells the truth, that opens the door …even if you were in a jury trial, we have very relaxable evidence in the hearings, but even in a jury trial when somebody says they always tell the truth, then you get to bring in every example of every time they’ve ever lied in their lives and he was rather stupid to say that, that he always tells the truth but that opened the door, but the big news was, it was the FBI, the DOJ they had proved positive that what they were saying and what they were going to say about Hillary’s server not being compromised, no information that any foreign enemy got, was a complete lie. They obstructed justice, they lied about what they knew, they lied about what the intel knew and it was a coverup to try to help Hillary get elected, that’s what the DOJ was being used for at that time. 

Listen to the entire interview here from WMAL: 


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