- The Washington Times - Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Rep. Jim Jordan summarized Justice Department official Bruce Ohr’s closed-door testimony before the House Oversight Committee with a stark and stunning proclamation Tuesday: “This is the biggest abuse of power I’ve ever seen,” the Ohio Republican said. “And I’m going to keep digging at it and so are my colleagues.” 

Go back to the fundamentals. Bruce Ohr, a top Justice Department official, his wife worked for the firm hired by the Clintons to produce the dossier. The dossier that we all know is the foundation of this whole thing which was disproven, salacious, unverified, not credible. That dossier Fusion is giving to Nellie Ohr, to Bruce Ohr who is giving it to the FBI. We know all that and the FBI took it to the court. Didn’t tell the court who paid for it. Didn’t tell the court the guy who wrote it, Christopher Steele had been terminated. And now it appears they knew about Bruce Ohr, Nellie Ohr’s involvement and didn’t tell the court that either. They did all of that for what purpose? To spy on the other party’s campaign. That is never supposed to happen in the United States of America and yet it did. This is the biggest abuse of power I have ever seen. And I am going to keep digging at it and so are my colleagues until we get answers for the American people.

Jordan, the main challenger to Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy to succeed Paul Ryan as Speaker of the House should the GOP retain the House majority after this year’s mid-term elections, appeared on Fox business channel with host Lou Dobbs: 


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