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The blockbuster report in the New York Times exposing NBC News’ efforts to squelch Ronan Farrow’s Pulitzer Prize-winning report on Harvey Weinstein has a hidden little gem: 

Rich Greenberg, the executive editor of the NBC News investigative unit, added that Ms. McGowan did not give an ideal interview, for the network’s purposes.

“The problem was, we didn’t have a credible accuser on the record, on camera,” Mr. Greenberg said. “The one we had the closest hope of getting, Rose McGowan, pulled out. She’d never say Harvey Weinstein’s name on camera with us.”

Wait, what? 

Observers of the Peacock Network’s news division would be excused for doing a classic, Danny Thomas spit-take on this one.  

Last we checked, NBC News may have run a story or two that relied on anonymous, off-the-record sources. In fact, almost everything they obsessively report on regarding the Trump/Russia story involved anonymous sources. 

So when it comes to programming 24-hour political coverage on MSNBC, anonymous leaks are just fine. But when it comes to a report on Harvey Weinstein’s alleged sexual abuse of multitudes of women in Hollywood, NBC demanded that the victim of the sexual abuse publicly expose themselves to the world or else they wouldn’t run with the story. 

Good to know where NBC News stands. Wonder if Matt Lauer had anything to do with this policy?

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