- The Washington Times - Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Conservative pundit Candace Owens blasted a Fox News contributor on Tuesday for injecting a conspiracy theory into his commentary on her confrontation with antifa.

Chris Hahn, a radio host and former aide to New York Democrat Sen. Charles E. Schumer, elicited the ire of Ms. Owens on Monday after he told Fox’s Laura Ingraham that a protest in Philadelphia seemed “dubious.”

The incident, which forced Ms. Owens and Turning Points USA founder Charlie Kirk to quickly exit a coffee shop, went viral on social media.

“I’m suspicious of this — whether or not this is real or not. I’m not saying I know for sure. I don’t,” Mr. Hahn said. “But it’s kind of weird to me, you [Ms. Ingraham] are a much bigger star and you can go out to breakfast and nobody is protesting you. So I’m a little dubious on this whole thing.”

Ms. Owens likened the protest to a political flash mob; antifa members on local contact lists can quickly act after receiving notifications.

[email protected] should be ashamed of himself for insinuating we coordinated WITH ANTIFA to harass us,” Mrs. Owens tweeted Tuesday. “For the record, 4 of them were eating at the same restaurant as us. They said nothing and TEXTED their gang members to show up. Once they had back up, they started shouting.”

Ms. Owens, Turning Point’s communications director, was soon surrounded by strangers with whistles, noises makers and megaphones.

“One, two, three: F— the bourgeoisie,” they chanted at one point.

“Fascist piece of s—t! F— you,” and “f— white supremacy!” were also shouted at the pair.

“These people shouted at me, called me and the black police officers ‘racist traitors,” Ms. Owens said during a Tuesday appearance on Brian Kilmeade’s radio show.

“I don’t get the mechanics of how they were in the same place you were and then all of a sudden there was a protest out there,” Mr. Hahn, who also took part, said over the phone. “I don’t get it. I still don’t get it.”

Mr. Hahn concluded Tuesday’s radio interview by saying that he believed Ms. Owens. He also condemned the protesters.

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