- Monday, December 10, 2018

Freedom Through Strength

The Pacific Alliance Institute (PAI) is founded as an innovative think tank in Japan based on the global standard of conservatism.

Our organization supports the United States’ policies against China undertaken by the Trump Administration.

Japan, with the world’s third largest economy and a leader of the Free World, should make a “commerce alliance against China” with the United States. The alliance is constituted from establishing CFIUS of Japan, cooperating with discrete sanctions, reforming WTO, retreating from RCEP, and introducing tariffs on China. We conservatives do not usually support government’s intervention. However, temporary sacrifices should be tolerated to challenge hidden, immoral impulse of China — and then ultimately return to “zero” barriers.

PAI is advancing such policies with members of the Diet and other experts in Japan.

President Ronald Reagan and Japanese Prime Minister Yasuhiro Nakasone once fought for our common morality of freedom against the “Evil Empire” of the former USSR in Asia. Yet, the ghost of totalitarianism has been reviving. China and other countries are raising their offensive capabilities, not respecting ownership of ideas, persecuting Christians, and violating security of the person. In order to establish liberty again over this continent, we need strength.

Now is the time when the bonds between the United States and Japan are tested, again, and PAI supports the commerce alliance between the United States and Japan against China.

Yuya Watase

Chairman, Pacific Alliance Institute



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