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“X-Files” fans who watched this week’s episode received a dose of political potshots at Republicans with their normal science-fiction fare.

President Trump, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, the Republican Party and its policy platforms were skewered during Wednesday night’s broadcast of “The Lost Art of Forehead Sweat.” The show’s Agent Fox Mulder (David Duchovny) and Agent Dana Scully (Gillian Anderson) were used by writers to mock everything from Mr. Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign to his planned wall along the U.S. southern border with Mexico.

The media watchdog NewsBusters detailed multiple instances throughout the show where writers inserted anti-Trump commentary into the script.

Three moments include:

  • A nefarious scientist named Dr. Thaddeus Q. They sits atop the Washington Monument wearing a red “MAGA” (Make America Great Again) hat during Mr. Trump’s inauguration.
  • Mulder looks at a picture of Mr. Cruz while saying “this moron’s father” was connected to the assassination of John F. Kennedy, a reference to comments Mr. Trump made during his campaign.
  • An alien from the Intergalactic Union of Sentient Beings from All Known Universes and Beyond tells the main characters that an invisible wall will be constructed to prevent humans from venturing out into space.

“You’re not sending us your best people. You’re bringing drugs. You’re bringing crime. You’re rapists,” the alien says at one point. “And some, I assume, are good people, but we have no choice. Believe me. For although the rest of the galaxies all have their share of these same problems, we fear you could infect us with the one trait that is unique to Earthlings. You lie. To show there are no hard feelings, we’ve compiled a compendium of answers to any questions you might still have regarding … anything. Good luck, and good riddance.”

“Why create an entire scene that’s meant for nothing but mocking Trump and the wall?” NewsBusters asked. “Why needlessly bend over backwards to mock ideas held by half of the nation? And most importantly, why do you have to drag ‘The Twilight Zone,’ one of my favorite shows, down with you?”

“We already know the answer to those questions,” the website continued. “It’s because they’re liberals and don’t care what comes between them and promoting their agenda, even if beloved television series get dragged in the process.”

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