- The Washington Times - Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Fully a quarter of illegals who are eligible for the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program can’t speak English at all — 46 percent can only speak it a little.

That’s according to a 2016 study from the Center for Immigration Studies, coming to light once again because President Donald Trump’s administration is due to end DACA this March. And you know what these findings mean, don’t you?

It’s not your imagination.

Next up: Let’s see how many ride the left lane going under the speed limit.

Kidding, I kid.

But these are the findings from the study, as noted by Breitbart: “[A]bout 24 percent of illegal aliens who are eligible for DACA — which President Trump’s administration will officially end in March 2018 — overstate their English proficiency skills and are ‘below basic’ or ‘functionally illiterate.’ Additionally, the research found that about 46 percent of DACA illegal aliens only have ‘basic’ English proficiency skills.”

That’s a far cry from what amnesty types tell. Those who want open borders, all the time make it seem as if all immigrants are simply hardworking American wannabes, and those sneaking across the border, or bringing their minor-aged children across the border, are only on a mission to become good citizens of these United States.

Apparently, not.

It would seem step number one to becoming a citizen of a foreign nation would be to learn the new language, yes? Those who don’t would seem to be separating themselves in a crucial cultural way.

But the CIS study is not the most disturbing finding about the DACA crowd. The Congressional Budget Office just reported that almost one-fifth of illegals eligible for DACA would wind up taking food stamps within 10 years.

So not only are DACAs non-English speakers, failing to assimilate with U.S. society in this all-too-important manner. But they’re living off the taxpayer dime.

Nowhere but in America. Certainly not in Mexico, or points south of the border. For certain illegals, it seems, the American dream has little to do with America and much to do with handouts and entitlements.

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