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We’ve been assured by IG Michael Horowitz and former FBI Director James Comey and the mainstream media that though “mistakes were made” at the FBI during the Hillary Clinton email investigation, there was “no political bias” motivating the decisions of FBI agents in their investigation. 


Radio host and former Justice Department official Mark Levin noted one curious aspect of theis bias-free, politically neutral Justice Department under Barack Obama: Not one of the agents, not one of the lawyers, not one of the people noted in the IG report sent a text message, email or instant message that displayed a pro-Trump or anti-Clinton sentiment. 

Fascinating, isn’t it?

“I went through this major report here, I see several things. Number one, out of all the texts, all the documents, all the emails that have been reviewed. You know what’s interesting, Sean? There is not a single pro-Trump text. There’s not a single anti-Hillary text. There’s not a single pro-Trump senior FBI official. There’s not a single anti-Hillary FBI official. This was a cabal. And what these people had as their purpose, to interfere with a presidential election.”

Levin appeared on Fox News’ Hannity Thursday night and went on to comment on the culture of bias under James Comey’s leadership at the FBI. “The problem isn’t ‘Joe FBI Agent’ or ‘Sally FBI Agent.’ The problem is Jim Comey. The problem is McCabe. The problem is Strzok. The problem is Page. The problem is that whole crowd. “

Levin, after a passionate monologue on subject, came back around to the startling and damning fact that the “apolitical” FBI handling of the matter that kept Hillary Clinton out of jail was managed by agents who were completely and totally in the tank for Hillary and against Trump. 

“There is not a single pro-Trump text from any of these FBI agents. There is not a single pro-Trump FBI agent. They are supposed to be objective. But they’ve politicized it to such an extent and the reason, the reason is as I said they had to protect Hillary Clinton because she would have and should have been indicted,” Levin said. 

“So, Hillary, I saw your little tweet today, kind of thinking well, see, even Comey used his personal email for government business but Hillary you violated the Espionage Act and Jim Comey protected you. You could very well be in an orange jumpsuit today and I am quite, quite serious, but you aren’t and you should thank God for that.”



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