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White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders was rudely thrown out of a public restaurant this weekend garnering sympathy and support from most Americans with any sense of decency and class. So it’s no wonder that late night host Stephen Colbert threw his hat in with the ugly mob set on dividing our nation along partisan political lines. 

Monday night he devoted much of his opening remarks (we can’t really call this segment a monologue anymore because its purpose seems not to be geared toward amusing or entertaining his audience as it is lecturing them on his political grievances) to scolding Sanders. 

“Applaud  all you want but my heart goes out to her,” Colbert taunted. “She was separated from her appetizer. She doesn’t even know where it is right now! What if it’s getting cold?”

He then suggested that Trump officials have found a “sweet new way to get a free meal” as the Red Hen restaurant did not charge Sanders for her appetizer. “You know you’re going to get thrown out so go hog wild on the app round!” Colbert mocked. 

Responding to Sanders’ statement after the incident where she tweeted that she “always do(es her) best to treat people, including those (she) disagree(s) with, respectfully and will continue to do so” Colbert replied “What do you mean you treat everybody with respect?” You work for Donald Trump! You don’t even treat yourself with respect.”

Finally, Colbert removed to render any moral judgment on the practice of discriminating against persons for their political beliefs or practices. 

“I believe everyone should follow their own conscience and I can understand why some would celebrate this restaurant owner doing this. But, denying service to people you don’t agree with is a slippery slope,” Colbert said.

“Because pretty soon, we would just have liberal-only restaurants and conservative restaurants, and it’ll be a nightmare finding a place where your whole family can eat.”

Extensive research has uncovered the stunning fact that at one time, late night talk shows were devoted to entertaining their audience and amusing them with jokes that were not targeted at one political party or ideology. Apparently, back when Johnny Carson was the “King of Late Night” he had too much interest in giving a wide audience a great time. To that end, he rarely made hurtful or mean-spirited jokes at people’s expense. 

Apparently, that’s no longer the formula for building a dominant late night audience. The latest ratings show Colbert in a virtual tie with Jimmy Kimmel in 3rd place. Both are looking up at the less political or mean-spirited Jimmy Fallon. 

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