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Spenser Rapone, the former second lieutenant whose “Communism will win” photos went viral in 2017, has received an “other than honorable” discharge from the Army.

The former West Point cadet who called himself “Commie Beebop” on Twitter rejoined civilian life without an honorable discharge. Mr. Rapone used the social media platform on Wednesday to promote an upcoming Socialism 2018 talk in Chicago titled “War Resister in the Ranks.”

“At Socialism 2018 I’ll be sitting down with with [sic] Spenser Rapone, the US Army Ranger, Afghan-war combat vet, recent West Point graduate, and now war-resister, who sparked nation-wide fury after publicly supporting Colin Kaepernick and Socialism during his West Point graduation,” Rory Fanning, also an ex-Ranger, tweeted Wednesday. “Deciding he could no longer stomach the immorality of US imperialism, he spoke out against the reprehensible actions of the military in September 2017. He ultimately resigned his commission, and was separated from the Army in June 2018 with an Other Than Honorable discharge.”

Mr. Rapone retweeted the message. The thread has since been deleted.

The military website SOFREP reiterated on Thursday that Mr. Rapone was an advocate for the “long march through the institutions of power.”

“This [philosophy] entails burrowing inside the institutions of society, including the military, and subverting them from within and ultimately setting the conditions for a communist revolution,” wrote Jack Murphy, a former Army Special Operations veteran. “As we’ve seen in the recent past, ideological actors working inside the system such as Edward Snowden can do a tremendous amount of damage to national security. The idea of an avowed communist subverting important military units and functions from within has the potential to be catastrophic.”

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“A recently retired CIA officer remarked to SOFREP that right now our counter-intelligence is so bad that we are only catching the dumb ones, the people stupid enough to out themselves on social media or who mail classified documents to news outlets,” Mr. Murphy continued.

Robert Heffington, a former lieutenant colonel and West Point instructor who met Mr. Rapone, told the website that his “online ideological screeds reveal the philosophical infatuations of a precocious adolescent” in a best-case scenario.

“At worst, however, Cadet Rapone’s statements bespeak either a severe mental or psychological disorder, or a genuine commitment to values and ideals wholly at odds with those of West Point and the Army,” he added.

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