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Shaving: Many women dread it. There are even days when we skip the shave to make it out the door on time.

Then there are times when we want to look our best and are willing to put in extra effort to look well-groomed. It is these times when pastel-colored razors and floral-scented shaving creams from the drugstore just don’t cut it.

When it’s time to get serious about shaving, you need serious shaving products. Perhaps you’ve looked longingly at men’s products and wonder why women get cheated again.

Take another look. So-called men’s shaving companies are inviting women to try their products. I wrote to Harry’s to say how impressive its razors seemed and asked when the company would release a women’s line of products. A representative kindly replied that the razors were intended for women as well. I’ve been a subscriber ever since.

Now The Art of Shaving is encouraging women to get that “perfect shave.” A starter kit ($30) comes with pre-shave oil, shaving cream, a genuine badger-hair brush and a moisturizing after-shave balm. This is a luxury item that takes a bit of extra time, so you might want to save it for special occasions — particularly if your mornings are rushed.

The pre-shave oil softens the hair and skin. It holds up in the shower for a few minutes while your pores open and you are ready to shave. With the old barbershop-style brush, the shaving cream whips up into a surprisingly rich lather. It makes the shaving experience luxurious. Be sure to use a fresh, sharp razor and rinse frequently in hot water. When you apply the after-shave balm, you will realize how much smoother your skin feels. I’ve found that I could almost skip a day of shaving without worrying about stubble.

The Art of Shaving offers countless choices of razors, stands, brushes, creams and other products to suit your shaving needs and your budget. You can choose among multiple scents, including some that are more on the feminine side.

With spring and summer on the way, you will be showing more skin. A good shave will help it look its best.

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