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The author of the bestselling anti-Trump agitprop “fire and Fury” Michael Wolff says he is merely “an observer” and “barely a journalist.”

In an interview with Vassar College’s The Vassar Political Review Wolff reflects on the reaction to his book and the prospects of President Trump’s resignation (he thinks he will.)

“I’m not a political journalist. I’m not, frankly, all that much interested in politics,” Wolff said. “I’m a writer. I’m barely a journalist, actually. I am a writer.”

Later in the Q & A exchange Wolff is asked about how his style of writing focuses on story telling and then “getting the truth out there.”

“Well, even truth–I have no monopoly on the truth. Somebody at the [Columbia School of Journalism] called me the other day and asked if I could speak to their investigative journalism class. I said, ‘I would be delighted to but I know nothing about investigative journalism.’ I wouldn’t even know what that is. I am an observer: I investigate nothing.”

Wolff’s admission that he investigates nothing and his book was in no way an exercise in seeking the truth is a tad too late considering the hysteria with which his book was embraced this past summer in the swamp that is Washington DC. 

Politicians and journalists alike held the bestseller up as exhibit A through Z for Trump’s impeachment. Of course, this was before a porn star’s erratic and inconsistent testimony became the Rosetta Stone that unlocked the key to being rid of Trump once and for all. 

When the book first hit the shelves this past January, Trump responded to the hype surrounding it by calling it “untruthful” and labeled Wolff a “loser.”

Considering Wolff’s own admission that he doesn’t seek the truth in his work and is really only interested in telling stories, it appears Wolff agrees with Trump on the first count. However, the gift of promotion the author received from a salivating and eager press dying for tabloid content to slime the White House provided Wolff with an astounding payday so objectively speaking, Trump was not entirely accurate with the loser” thing.

In The Swamp, one can never lose if one provides the media with fodder for their voracious anti-Trump appetite. 



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