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This is why nobody in their right minds buys into politicians as examples of principled people.

Michael Bloomberg, who’s changed his political party affiliation three times, is a Democrat once again.

He’s gone from Democrat to Republican to independent, back again, just now, to Democrat.

Maybe that’ll be the lucky charm that finally brings him into the White House, as he so longs?

He puts it this way: “At key points in U.S. history, one of the two parties has served as a bulwark against those who threaten our Constitution. Two years ago at the Democratic Convention, I warned of those threats. Today, I have re-registered as a Democrat — I had been a member for most of my life — because we need Democrats to provide the checks and balance our nation so badly needs.”

Yada yada, blah blah.

What he says and what he means are two different things.

What he means is the Democratic Party now offers him the best path toward higher political office — the presidency.

But Bloomberg’s frequent party switch shows all that’s wrong with American politicians: they have no moral compass.

They’re feathers in the wind, blowing about with the polls.

They’re political guns for hire, ready to race to whatever office pays the most, provides the most lucrative benefits at the time.

Bloomberg, 76, hasn’t suddenly realized his wrong-minded political affiliation with Republicans or independents, and decided to return home to his Democratic roots.

He just sees a better deal with the Dems right now, and he wants to exploit the opportunity.

Good luck to him. After all, the party jump worked for Charlie Crist, Florida’s Republican senator-turned-independent senator hopeful-turned Barack Obama-endorsing Democratic governor failure-turned elected Democratic congressman.

Maybe Bloomberg’s political path could end on just as happy a note.

In the meanwhile, he’s only underscoring what voters already know and detest about the ruling political class — the fact they’re morally adrift, unable to stand on principle in the face of self-promotion and personal opportunity.

Bloomberg, simply put, represents all that’s wrong with American politics.

• Cheryl Chumley can be reached at [email protected] or on Twitter @ckchumley.

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