- The Washington Times - Friday, October 19, 2018


A handful of pro-President Donald Trump conservative comedians — yes, that is a thing, albeit as elusive as pro-Trump conservative Hollywood actors — has taken to the national tour trails to, get this, fight back against what they call the left’s “stranglehold” on entertainment.

And they’re diving right in with a tour title dig at one of the left’s most loved, one of the right’s most abhorred.

“The Deplorables Tour: We’re Funny Because We’re Right” opens at the Houston Improv on Nov. 5. More tour dates and locations will follow.

Already it’s a laugh-out-louder.

It’s about time a voice or two arose to take on the Jimmy Kimmels, the Kathy Griffins, the Stephen Colberts, the Alec Baldwins, the Samantha Bees, the “Saturday Night Live” types of the comedy world. They did kill off Roseanne, after all, and right as she was about to make her pro-Trump sitcom entrance.

“The left has a stranglehold on entertainment and we’re going to fight out of this chokehold. We’re kicking out of it,” said Michel Loftus during a recent appearance on “Fox & Friends.” “The left and the media [have] demonized this president and demonized anyone on the right. Someone has to start hitting back, for lack of a better word.”


So Loftus, along with pro-Trumpers Terrence K. Williams and Steve McGrew — alongside The Deplorables Choir — will be those “someones.”

Among their announced initial targets?

Sen. Bernie Sanders, for socialism. Sen. Elizabeth Warren, for Native Americanism — or, make that Not-So-Native Americanism. And doubtless, dozens more on the left.

“If you’re an idiot, you’re going to be made fun of,” Loftus said.

So with that — the population of Democrats being what it is — prepare for a multi-year tour.

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