- The Washington Times - Wednesday, October 24, 2018

YouTube star Dave Rubin took the cultural war to CNN contributor Kirsten Powers this week after she proclaimed to white people: “Your feelings don’t matter.”

The host of “The Rubin Report” usually tallies millions of views on YouTube by calling out political correctness, but a cultural appropriation lecture by Ms. Powers prompted a response on Twitter. At issue was her assertion that white people “can’t dress up as another race or culture” for Halloween.

“Dear white people who are upset that you can’t dress up as another race or culture for Halloween: your feelings don’t matter,” she tweeted Tuesday. “The only feelings that matter are of those who feel disrespected/mocked by you appropriating their culture for entertainment. Show some common decency.”

Mr. Rubin, fresh off an interview with Fox News’ Tucker Carlson, responded Wednesday.

“Dear people of any color, also known as humans: You can wear whatever you want. You have capacity over your mind and body. Show some individualism and creativity,” he responded.

Some of the negative feedback Ms. Powers received included:

  • “Another rich white coastal leftist elitist ordering other people around. Welcome to the new Democratic party.”
  • “Dear Kirsten, You have no moral authority to tell anyone whose feelings matter and whose don’t. The only authority that matters is the objective moral law, knowable by reason and faith, not the natterings of schoolmarms.”
  • “Do you really believe dressing up as something different than yourself is wrong? If so you’re going to upset a lot of cross-dressers and transgender folks. You either go all the way with appropriation or not at all. You can’t just pick the parts that fit a racial narrative.”
  • “Dear white woman. Stop speaking for minorities. Stop treating them as inferior people who need your protection.”

Ms. Powers responded to one of her critics by saying, “it’s actually possible to have fun AND be respectful of other people’s cultures and races. Not for you, apparently.”

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