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It’s time for George Soros, Sen. Bernard Sanders and the Democratic Party to publish a list of words and expressions that Americans are no longer permitted to use.

Given the brutal attack by the Soros minions on Rep. Ron DeSantis for daring to use the term “monkey this up” shortly after he won the Florida GOP gubernatorial nomination, it’s only fair that the kingpins just go ahead and tell us all of their “potty-mouth” words now.

When Mr. DeSantis urged Floridians not to “monkey up” the robust Florida economy by replacing economic freedom with socialist policies, the grown men and women who control the Democratic Party were so convincing at feigning offense that they each deserve an Oscar.

I guess we should agree right now that the following terms from here on out are totally racist, and must never again be uttered:

Monkey wrench.

Barrel of monkeys.

Monkey business.

Monkey on your back.

Monkey around.

Monkey see, monkey do.

Can you think of any more?

I’m still shocked and appalled that liberals would immediately think of African-Americans when they hear the word “monkey.” Especially when the word is used as a verb, as in “monkey with” or “monkey up,” as Mr. DeSantis used it.

I guess it’s because most leftists harbor strong repressed racism somewhere deep inside their souls, along with their unmistakable quest for absolute power. Goodness me, we don’t want to ignite the ire of socialist thugs, so by all means, it’s time to ban the word “monkey” from the English language.

Andrew Gillum, the black socialist mayor of Tallahassee that won the Democratic gubernatorial primary, is eager to make the race about race — and a little too eager to be “offended.” Maybe it’s high time Mr. Gillum call former President Barack Obama and let him know how offensive any use of the word “monkey” is. After all, Mr. Obama’s socialist funders forgot to chastise him when as a senator he said, “I come from Chicago. It’s not as if it’s just Republicans who have monkeyed around with elections in the past. Sometimes Democrats have, too.”

The truth is, even with a published list of “bad” words, power hungry socialists will always have new words and terms to excoriate. And they will always label their opponents as “racist” or “sexist,” because they know that they can’t win elections based on the merits of their oppressive ideology. Their goal is to create class, gender and race conflicts at every turn — then offer themselves up as the peace makers.

In their current disgusting attack on Mr. DeSantis, they know that the good people of Florida reject the socialist dogma that Mr. Gillum promotes, so they resort to what they always do — launch sordid personal attacks, character assassination and lies.

Such lefty nonsense plays well with the fake news because the elitists who control the mainstream media believe that working men and women are just too dumb to know what’s really going on.

But Florida voters are way too smart to fall for the lies; way too decent to accept the hate-mongering. So the more the media and liberals feign outrage or lie about Mr. DeSantis, the more the voters Google to search out the truth. And the more the voters learn about Mr. DeSantis, the more they like him. As they read his bio and discover the story of his life, Floridians (and people across the nation) are discovering that Mr. DeSantis is an American hero.

Mr. DeSantis has spent his adult life fighting for freedom, at home and abroad. As a congressman, he is a courageous member of the House Freedom Caucus, defending the Constitution and the liberty and rights that make it possible for all Americans to pursue their dreams. He challenges the “good ol’ boys’ club” and “business as usual” status quo at every turn, digging up the deep state and fighting big government.

As the representative for Florida’s 6th Congressional District, he’s fought the cronyism that has wreaked havoc on his state’s natural resources. He also has championed policies that reduce taxes and slash counter-productive government regulations. Mr. DeSantis works to unleash the potential of the small business owner, the risk-taking entrepreneur, and the working man and woman. He fights for parental rights and educational choice, and to protect the most vulnerable among us, from pre-born babies to the elderly and ill.

Abroad, Mr. DeSantis fought evil in Iraq as a naval officer, receiving the Bronze Star medal for meritorious service and the Iraq Campaign Medal. He has fought for truth as a Judge Advocate General officer and has risked his life to protect Americans of all races and creeds.

As an honors graduate from Yale and Harvard Law School, he exposes deception with his brilliant legal mind and is a champion of truth. Raised in a blue-collar family, he worked hard to earn his way through college and law school, and he knows how to make every dollar count.

As Florida’s next governor, Mr. DeSantis is committed to draining the swamp in the state capital, just as he’s been doing in Washington. And he’s committed to making sure that common sense policies, like E-Verify, become law to help discourage illegal immigration.

The contrast between Mr. DeSantis and his vision for freedom on the one hand, and Mr. Gillum’s quest for government oppression on the other, could not be more stark.

George Soros and other socialists are pumping millions of dollars into Mr. Gillum’s campaign in an attempt to drag Florida’s robust economy into a socialist quagmire and gain control of the state just in time for the 2020 elections. They will do anything, tell any lie — and even attempt to bludgeon an American hero — in order to take control.

The moderate Democrats in Florida failed to fend off the socialist kingpins from taking over their party, but don’t expect the rank-and-file Floridian to fall for the same nonsense.

So while the liberals throw their divisive tantrums and do their best to try and make everyone feel offended over something, they won’t fool Floridians. Because we know an American hero when we see one.

Rebecca Hagelin can be reached at [email protected]

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