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The cartoonist who had his work pulled by The New York Times for using anti-Semitic tropes reportedly has a pattern on the subject.

According to the Jerusalem Post on Sunday, Antonio Moreira Antunes published and won an award for an image that repackaged one of the most iconic images of the Holocaust to compare Israel to Nazi Germany.

Mr. Moreira Antunes, who publishes under the name “Antonio,” drew the ire of Jewish groups in 1983 caricature of the famous photograph of a Jewish boy in the Warsaw Ghetto with his hands up, surrounded by rifle-wielding Nazi soldiers and other Jews.

“Antonio” reworked the German soldiers in that photo to have Stars of David on their helmets — and he put the traditional Palestinian and Arab scarf known as the keffiyeh on the bewildered boy and other Jews in the photo.

The cartoon won him the top prize at the 20th International Salon of Cartoons in Montreal.

According to the Post, a Canadian Jewish Congress spokesman at the time called the Warsaw Ghetto cartoon “a defamation of the Holocaust … artistically dishonest, morally obscene and intellectually indecent.”

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The 1983 cartoon was newly reported upon Sunday after The New York Times deleted an “Antonio” cartoon for its use of “anti-Semitic tropes.” That one depicted Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as a dog wearing a Star of David leading a blind yarmulke-adorned President Trump.

“The image was offensive, and it was an error in judgment to publish it,” The Times said in a Saturday editor’s note.

Another previous “Antonio” cartoon made the same implication as the Netanyahu-Trump image that the U.S. is controlled by bloodthirsty Jews, the Jerusalem Post reported.

A 2006 cartoon shows two legs, one tied up with explosives and attached to an Islamic crescent, and the other leg in the colors and pattern of an American flag. The U.S. foot is attached to a bloody Star of David.

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