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Radio host Mark Levin says the reason why media outlets are ignoring “tyranny right in your face” by the House Committee on Oversight and Reform is simple: It involves Fox News.

The LevinTV host lit into journalists this week for scant attention paid to Rep. Elijah Cummings of Maryland, the panel’s chairman, and his Democratic peers. The panelists recently sent a letter to former Fox News reporter Diana Falzon demanding documents on a 2016 story related to President Trump’s campaign and personal life.

At issue is the accusation, first reported in the New Yorker last month, that Fox spiked a story on Mr. Trump’s alleged affair with porn star Stormy Daniels. The network maintains that it acted ethically, given scant corroboration and semi-willing sources, and reached the same conclusions about publishing the story as did other news outlets.

“Should we go through all the lib media out there and see how they promote it or suppress news?” the LevinTV host asked in a video uploaded to his Facebook page. “And then [should we] make a determination if they violated the campaign finance laws? This is totalitarianism — tyranny right in your face — and the media won’t give a damn because it involves Fox.”

Mr. Levin further explained the situation on his radio show.

“We have a committee of Congress led by a Democrat, Elijah Cummings, that’s trying to dig into editorial decisions at Fox News,” the conservative said Conservative Review reported. “Do you see the other media outlets circling the wagons? Do you see anybody else speaking out for freedom of the press and the First Amendment? … The media do not believe in freedom of the press. The media believe in freedom of certain people to report news.”

Mr. Cummings’ letter requests “all documents related to women alleging extramarital affairs with President [Donald] Trump, payments by the president or anyone on behalf of him to silence those people,” MSNBC host Ari Melber reported last month when news broke of Mr. Cummings’ letter.

Fox News editor Ken LaCorte said Democrats are opening a political Pandora’s box with their actions.

“If House Oversight can launch an investigation based on the ridiculous notion that publishing, or even more bizarrely not publishing, a story can be construed as an in-kind campaign contribution, then no journalist in America is safe from government intimidation,” he wrote in an op-ed published Tuesday. “It’s a vast overreach of power, and I won’t have any part of it.”

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