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Democratic presidential hopeful Andrew Yang just released his plan to fight climate change, and like all the other good liberals running for the White House for 2020, it’s being billed as the net-zero emission idea of the century, the go green, full green economic goal of the future, the outright savior of both planet and humanity.

And like all the other good liberal climate change plans floating about — it’s full of hurrah and hooplah, dependent entirely on regulation and government intervention.

Oh, and yes, let’s not forget, on tax dollars. Plenty of tax dollars.

Here’s Yang’s budget breakdown for the climate plan: $400 billion for Democracy Dollars. Another $30 billion for nuclear power. Another $80.8 billion for net-zero emission airplanes. Another $45 billion for national labs. Another $200 billion for grid modernization. Another $3 trillion for loans to Americans to reconfigure their homes along renewable energy lines. Another $285.5 billion for sustainable agriculture development.

The list goes on.

The multi-multi-multibillion-dollar list goes on.

But that’s OK because key to Yang’s plan is creation of a sustainable money tree. Where all the Democracy Dollars grow, dontcha know. ‘Cause soon enough, the taxpayer pockets will be drained, dontcha know.

Regardless, by 2049, America will have hit “fully green economy” phase — so long as Yang’s directives are followed. To the “t.”

They include: “Mov[ing] our people to higher ground” and “pass[ing] a constitutional amendment that creates a duty on the federal and state governments to be stewards for the environment.”

Dang. All those scientists, all those years, all those environmental experts and weather guys and gals and U.N. treaty types trying to figure out ways to mitigate the drastic, dramatic, devastating effects of climate change-induced flooding, and here comes Yang with the solution — “move our people to higher ground.”

Like the rats do when it rains.

Yay. Yang for president.


“Let’s go, America,” signed “Andrew.” He went on: “Climate change is big and it is scary. It’s destabilizing the world, and it’s costing American lives.”

But by building a “sustainable economy,” building a “sustainable world,” “revers[ing] the damage we’ve done” and amending the Constitution so that the federal and state governments will have to cough up even more tax dollars as punishment for failing to follow the Yang approach — oh, and yes, by moving everybody to the mountaintops — the world will be saved. Humanity will sleep well.

Simple hop, skip, jump and we’re there.

Just don’t dig too deep into details or ask too many questions, or pull out the calculator and revenues’ sheets — and voila, the plan’s golden.

But then again, by that standard, so aren’t all the other Democrats’ climate change battle plans, as well. With fake money and false pretenses, the sky’s always the limit. Dontcha know.

• Cheryl Chumley can be reached at cchumley@washingtontimes.com or on Twitter @ckchumley.

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