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MSNBC’S Nicolle Wallace falsely told viewers on Tuesday that President Trump talks of “exterminating Latinos” from his bully pulpit.

The president may have rolled out his Latinos For Trump initiative in Florida in June, but that did not stop the pundit and MSNBC contributor Raul Reyes from attributing genocidal ambitions to the man.

Media watchdog NewsBusters spotlighted the exchange, which falsely parlayed Mr. Trump’s random mentions of criminal and drug “infestations” into calls for “extermination.”

“[Trump’s] basically declared open season on Latinos because we are one of his favorite targets,” Mr. Reyes said. “And it’s not just the language he used, you mentioned calling Mexicans drug dealers and rapists when he came down the escalator. That was day one. … Then ramped it up again to the invasion, warning people of a caravan and words like infestation. What do you do with an infestation? With an infestation, the natural conclusion is [to] attempt an extermination.”

“President Obama used the power of the presidency to try to pass comprehensive immigration reform, with the Latino community, Latino leaders, at the table,” Ms. Wallace responded. “You now have a president, as you said, talking about exterminating Latinos.”

She later apologized for her statement.

Mr. Reyes’ escalator comment was a reference to Mr. Trump’s presidential campaign launch in June 2015.

Mr. Trump said that a certain percentage of illegal immigrants were probably “good people,” but that illegal immigration as a whole also brings “problems.”

“They’re bringing drugs. They’re bringing crime, their rapists. And some, I assume, are good people,” Mr. Trump said. “But I speak to border guards and they tell us what we’re getting. And it only makes common sense. It only makes common sense. They’re sending us not the right people. It’s coming from more than Mexico. … We don’t know what’s happening and it’s got to stop.”

NewsBusters called MSNBC’s segment “sheer, vile, slander.”

“It will be hard to top the calumny uttered by Nicolle Wallace on her MSNBC show Monday afternoon,” the website’s Mark Finkelstein wrote.

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