- Monday, February 4, 2019

With profound sorrow for the centuries of human suffering caused by the enslavement of millions of African people, Universal Peace Federation co-founder Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon traveled to Gore Island, off the coast of Senegal, to pray for liberation and emergence of a new, heavenly Africa.

Upon their arrival on Jan. 19, 2018, Mrs. Moon and her party were greeted by local children and Gore Mayor Austin Senghor. They visited the island’s House of Slaves and its “door of no return,” which are part of a museum and memorial about the Atlantic slave trade of the 15th to 19th centuries. Mayor Senghor later honored Mrs. Moon with a Gore Pilgrim Award.

In her speech at the First Africa Summit the previous day, Mrs. Moon said, “The continent that I believe has suffered the most is the African continent.”

On Gore, she offered a prayer for the ancestors who had endured this bitter history with the belief that there will be a new, heavenly Africa free from suffering. She then announced she will be donating the Victoria Boat to the island so that it may be used to bring islanders quickly to the hospital on the mainland of Senegal.

Mrs. Moon’s prayer on Gore:

“Heavenly Parent! How many long years have passed as you worked hard and took a sorrowful course to find your sons and daughters? We know of the history that has pained Heaven many times because of humankind’s ignorance. Heavenly Parent! Nevertheless, you never gave up on us. Thus, you were able to find the victorious True Parents, for whom you had wished for so long. When all the people of the world are reborn through the True Parents and can be called ‘my son, my daughter,’ there will be such happiness and delight on that day.

“Heavenly Parent! The True Parents, True Mother, the only begotten daughter of God, has come here today. Christianity did not know your deep will or Jesus’ essence and they left a sorrowful history here in Africa and on Gore Island. Where did Jesus’ words of ‘Love your neighbor as yourself’ go? How could they treat people in this way because of differences in skin color? Please remember the people of Africa who have endured and waited for more than 500 sorrowful years.

“Beloved Heavenly Parent! Today, in the name of True Parents, I liberate the sorrowful spirits of Gore Island, and through a spiritual workshop conducted by Heavenly Parent, they can be resurrected as good spirits and return to earth and be with their descendants so that Africa can become an Africa that can realize the dream of one human family centered on Heavenly Parent and become the light and lamp of the world. Let us cooperate enthusiastically to achieve a world of no more conflict, suffering or war — one world of complete harmony and unification centered on Heavenly Parent.

“I liberate and proclaim this in the name of True Parents. Aju!”

• This article is based on materials from the Universal Peace Federation. For more information, please visit upf.org.

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