- The Washington Times - Wednesday, February 6, 2019

President Trump’s State of the Union address was hailed on the right as a tour de force, but there was plenty of grumbling on the left over the lack of attention to climate change.

Former Vice President Al Gore expressed dismay over Mr. Trump’s failure to plug solar and wind energy.

“The President doesn’t get it,” Mr. Gore tweeted. “Solar & wind represent the fastest growing job sectors. Cost of renewable electricity are declining rapidly. There is a Global Sustainability Revolution happening & he’s boasting about more dirty & outdated oil and natural gas projects?”

Meanwhile, CNN anchor John King called the speech “a disgrace” for failing to include global warming.

“Every leader, whatever his party should be talking about climate change. You can have a debate about what to do about it,” said Mr. King. “But that the President of the United States, at this moment in the world, did not mention climate change in even a sentence is, just frankly, a disgrace.”

During the address, Mr. Trump touted the nation’s increasing energy independence, saying that the country has become “the number one exporter of oil and natural gas in the world.”

Climate Depot’s Marc Morano said he agreed Mr. Trump should have talked about climate change, but from another vantage point, such as by repudiating the “silly and activist written National Climate Assessment” and appointing Princeton physicist Will Happer as science czar.

“The Trump administration has an opportunity to expose the con of the man-made global warming premise and claims, but alas, instead there is no official government push-back on activist and media ‘climate change’ claims,” said Mr. Morano, author of “The Politically Incorrect Guide to Climate Change.”

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