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You have likely seen, heard and/or read about the confrontation this past week at the Lincoln Memorial between a group of Catholic high school students from Kentucky and a Native American with a drum.

Initial reports were that Nathan Phillips, a Native American and allegedly a Vietnam Veteran, had been surrounded and taunted by a group of high school boys wearing Trump-inspired “Make America Great Again” hats. NBC, CNN and other news outlets immediately condemned the boys, their Catholic school and their “white privilege” for their outrageous acts of hate. Former Democrat Party Chairman (and former governor of Vermont) Howard Dean branded Covington Catholic High School as “a hate factory.”

Video of the incident began to surface, however, that told a very different story. The video clearly demonstrates a third group, the Black Hebrew Israelites, spent well over an hour shouting obscenities and hatred toward virtually anyone within earshot, including the Catholic school boys and the natives with Nathan Phillips. The Black Hebrew Israelites dropped multiple f-bombs, repeatedly used the racial slur of “cracker” toward the school boys and accused them of being “faggots,” a derogatory term intended to describe homosexuals.

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The high school students responded not with racist taunts, not with cursing, but the video demonstrates instead they chanted school cheers and harmless pep-rally chants. Hardly the stuff of a hate factory.

Meanwhile, Nathan Phillips and his Native American entourage, on video, intentionally approach the high school boys while beating drums and chanting native chants. A voice among the natives can be clearly heard saying “Look at them hats! Look at them MAGA hats.” Far from being surrounded by the Covington students, Nathan Phillips and his fellow natives approached them, walked a little too close for comfort and then turned up the volume on the drumming and chanting.

Once again the video shows the group of high schoolers did not respond with anger or racism. In fact, they began to clap to the beat of the drums and attempted to join the native chants. A native voice can be heard on video saying “Now they are going to join in, huh?”

The video clearly shows there was no anger. No hostility. No hatred. No racism. Despite Nathan Phillips beating a drum just inches from his face, student Nick Sandmann simply smiles.

Racism was on display, however. The Black Hebrew Israelites can be seen and heard clearly on video saying Jesus would be coming for the boys “cracker asses.” The same group, which incidentally has been labeled as a hate group by both the Southern Poverty Law Center and the Anti-Defamation League, managed to call students dogs and hyenas in addition to “crackers.” Apparently, they exercise equal opportunity hatred as they singled out a black student from Covington and called him the n-word.

The obvious question has to be where is the outrage? White Christian students wearing Trump inspired-hats evoked a frenzy of anger and threats when the false narrative went viral, but where are the self-righteous criticisms of the Black Hebrew Israelites? Faggot? N-word? Cracker-asses? Why no outrage when the people uttering those words are African-American? Is it any less offensive? Is it not racist because of the color of the offender’s skin? Ironically,  such a notion would be racist in and of itself.

Is there any outrage toward the Native Americans heard on the video shouting at some of the students to “go back to Europe?” Of course not. The preferred narrative was of white Catholic boys, which we are expected to assume come from privilege, wearing Make America Great Again hats, reinforcing the left’s insistence America is a racist society.

Even when faced with undeniable proof the original storyline was false, at least two of the major networks continued that narrative. Between Saturday morning and Sunday night, CNN and MSNBC spent 53 minutes and 20 seconds on the fallout from the confrontation. Twenty-four of those minutes came after it was clear things weren’t as they wanted it to appear. How much time have they dedicated to the Black Hebrew Israelites? Virtually none.

The bottom line is this: Get the full story before rushing to judgment. More importantly, though, don’t count on the mainstream media to provide you a balanced perspective. If a group is spewing hatred and racism, that may well be news, but it shouldn’t be the color of the offender’s skin nor who they support politically that determines whether or not its newsworthy. Sadly, those are essential elements for NBC, CNN and others in deciding whether or not to report a story.

Covington Catholic High School students showed restraint and school spirit. You would not know that from most news coverage.

The Black Hebrew Israelites showed hatred, anger and racism. You would not know that from most news coverage.

Someone notify me when the networks dedicate serious time and discussion to the Black Hebrew Israelites and the blatant racism they exhibit. I won’t hold my breath.

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