- - Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Madame Rajavi and friends from Ashraf, a dream has come true. We are very honored to be here and to see this miracle, this overwhelming experience coming into a historic city that looks like Rome or Athens, which took thousands of years to build. But here within a few months we have Ashraf 3. And it’s fantastic for us to experience this, a modern city with all facilities, buildings, but a city which will write history. We know that Ashraf 3 will forever be a historic city.

This is when I looked at former Prime Minister and President Sali Berisha. His courage was the start of it completely. When all countries said no thank you — all the Western European countries, United States, all our countries, everybody were thinking about the nuclear deal, we cannot say yes to the Mujahedeen — Berisha had the attitude of an Albanian: “I am an Albanian, I am not afraid of anything.” And he said straightforward in 2013, he said, “We’ll take all of them.”

But it’s also because of the extraordinary leadership of Madame Rajavi, her conviction, her commitment, her determination, and her perseverance. She is already operating like the leader of the free Iran. She’s a responsible leader. We have made great progress. The mullah regime is now struggling everywhere, and, of course, the firm stand of the U.S. government has been very helpful.

This movement stands for the truth. And we know that the truth will prevail and our purpose is freedom (Azadi). Madame Rajavi is ready. We are ready. And we are encouraged about hearing this word so many times today, ready. We are ready. (Azadi).

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