- - Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Six months ago, this was a construction site. Today, it’s a well-designed city with an amazing victory arch and magical lighted trees. And I have come here several times to share with you Ashrafis, to stay here with you, and I have been sleeping here, I have been sharing my meals with you. I have seen you in your activities, seeing where you prepare your daily chores, where you design your clothes. I’ve seen you gardening, building, repairing, constructing, and communicating. And I say this because, as you know, over the past year, the propaganda by the regime and its collaborators was that Ashraf 3 is a closed compound that no one is allowed to come in. Well, the whole world is here. And we’re here even after knowing that we were targets in a bomb threat in Paris.

But those who are saying that this is a very secret, closed compound are also saying that there are strange things happening here. (The Spiegel magazine in February this year). But those accusations bear the mark of the demonization strategy of the mullahs.

And Maryam, I have to thank you for the effort you have made in the exhibit that we saw, which is a first-class documentation exercise. You re-created, even with the pain of remembrance, the conditions of incarceration in Iran and the torture chambers of the mullahs.

So, I say two things. First, shame on those who were either fed or paid by the Ministry of Intelligence of Iran to spread lies about who we are, and who you are here in Ashraf 3, and demonize the MEK.

The regime is spreading those lies because the regime is desperate. Because they fear the Iranian resistance and they fear you, Maryam. You are the unbreakable resistance after 40 years of fighting. You are the beacon of hope. You are the rose in the desert, as you all Ashrafis are. And you are the voice of change.

And now I’m talking to the mullahs. I want to say to them that we are going to get you because we want you to be accountable for the crimes against humanity that you have perpetrated for 40 years in Iran. And we are ready. Hazer, hazer, hazer (We are ready).

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