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This weekend, yet another male — defined as an individual who was assigned by God at birth as a boy, not a girl, the only other sex option that exists — took home the top place trophy for his competition in the female hurdler event.

The political powers expect this male to be called a female, as he wishes.

But that would be a lie. And ridiculous. Like applauding a toddler for all that hard work to steal that candy bar.

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Changing one’s clothing, hair style, name, school ID and driver’s license, birth certificate, rhetoric, behavior or more do not change sex.

Undergoing hormonal treatments doesn’t change DNA.

Slicing off parts of the body and reshaping other parts, ingesting pills to make some things grow and other things disappear — these things don’t change sex, either. Not truly, not 100 percent.

Not truthfully.

Medical anomalies occur where the sex assignments aren’t clear. It only puts the doctors in positions of determining which of the two sexes best correspond.

in the end, God created them — male and female, He created them both. The total is two. Not whatever.

“It was tough conditions out here with the wind and the heat over the last three days, but as she has over the last six months, CeCe proved herself to be tough enough to handle it,” Franklin Pierce University head coach Zach Emerson said of runner CeCe Telfer, after the NCAA Division II school win in Rindge, New Hampshire.

Pierce is talking about a man. Describing him as a woman. Participating in and furthering the lie.

“Today was a microcosm of her entire season,” Pierce went on, The Blaze reported. “She was not going to let anything slow her down. I’ve never met anybody as strong as her mentally in my entire life.”

Except maybe a man.

Of which Tefler is.

But to state this truth is despicable in today’s world.

“Trans athletes make great gains, yet resentment still flares,” one recent NBC News headline blared.

The author went on to write: “Across the U.S. and in many places abroad, transgender athletes are breaking barriers in high school, college and pro sports and being embraced by teammates and fans. But resentments can still flare when transgender women start winning and dominating their sport.”

Yes. That’s ‘cause they’re not women. They’re men masquerading as women.

And they’re steadily, steadfastly and defiantly destroying what women — real women — have worked hard to realize, i.e. respect and respectability in athletics.

All for a lie.

• Cheryl Chumley can be reached at [email protected] or on Twitter, @ckchumley.

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